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In-Camera Bokeh Overlay Freebies

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A couple of weeks ago I shared some computer-generated heart “bokeh” overlays, so today I want to share four in-camera bokeh overlay freebies! I’m including bokeh overlays both with and without color. The color version can be used to add, well, color as well as light to an image, and the black and white overlays are easy to use in “screen” mode. The black disappears, leaving you with globes of light! You can change the color and quality of the light with additional adjustment layers that make it more golden, for example.

These textures were all captured with the

The bokeh overlays are available as a ‘pay what you want’ item in my Selz store with a minimum price of free! You are welcome to make a contribution if you’d like, but you’re also more than welcome to download them for free. They are very high resolution (7360×4912 pixels), so you should be able to use them on pretty much any image you capture.

Not sure how to use the overlays? No problem! For the black and white ones, just follow the same process outlined in the bokeh heart video.

For the color overlays, you can play with the blending mode and opacity to see what you like best! Here’s a quick sample with a picture for an upcoming tutorial. This is the before image:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this picture, but I can easily give it a less contrast-y, slightly more vintage/dreamy feel with an overlay. You can also see a bit of added color, particularly in the region of my bent elbow. I used “bokeh #2” at 30% opacity and “soft light” blending mode.

The difference is subtle, but the shadows are a bit lighter, contributing to the feel of the image. You can make more dramatic changes with bokeh overlays, but this is how I want this image for my upcoming tutorial. šŸ™‚

Also, now that Re-Story your Life is live, I’m happy to announce I’m working on two more projects! One is a texture store where I’ll be sharing photograph resources like more bokeh overlays, textures, clouds, skies, and more! I don’t have an exactly launch date set yet, but at least a few products will be live within the next month.

I’m also mostly finished with a new free 5 day e-course “Spring Clean your Mindset.” It’s going to be lots of fun!

I’ll share more about the class, what you can expect, and when it’s launching tomorrow!

Do you have any go-to tools for making quick photo edits?

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  • Duni February 22, 2017, 06:10

    I love bokeh and the in camera result of the LensBaby is awesome! Thanks for sharing these šŸ™‚

    • Natashalh February 22, 2017, 06:42

      LensBaby is so much fun to play with! It can be a little challenging, too, since it’s a fully manual lens. It was really fun to use it and just find the focus that made the nicest bokeh, not what actually made the photo “in focus!”

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