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Anthro-Inspired Crystal & Key Necklace Tutorial

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A year or so ago, Hawaii got its first Anthropologie. Whenever we stop by the mall it lives in, we usually drop in to check things out. This crystal & key necklace was loosely inspired by a recent visit to Anthro – I created it around the idea of mixing objects and textures, not to emulate any specific piece.

This Anthro-inspired crystal & key necklace is super easy to make and customize to the materials you have on hand, so I hope you enjoy and make the idea your own!

Materials for a DIY Anthro-insipred necklace

  • A yard of lacing, cord, rat tail, or ribbon. I used a lovely hand dyed silk cord from Etsy seller Jamnglass.
  • A crystal pendant. I got this 10 pack of pendants on Amazon, so expect to see more of them soon!
  • A hamsa charm. You can use whatever charms strike your fancy!
  • A decorative skeleton key. I picked mine up at a Hobby Lobby on the Mainland last fall, but it’s easy to find keys for crafting online.
  • Jump rings – one for each element in the necklace. I made my own jump rings out of wire, but they’re also easy to find at craft stores ready-made.
  • Pliers, for bending jump rings in to place, and wire cutters, if you’re making your own jump rings.

I chose to use an amethyst quartz crystal, skeleton key, and hamsa charm for my necklace, but please use whatever speaks to you! As regular readers know, I love keys and using them as symbols in my artwork. I used amethyst quartz because I love purple and amethyst is traditionally associated with creativity, among other positive things. And, of course, the hamsa is a symbol of protection and good luck.

How to make a crystal & key necklace

First, plan out your elements. Particularly if you have more than two charms, you may want to layer some of them and attach them to one another, instead of putting each one individually on the cord. I played around with placement and decided the hamsa looked nice hanging from the key.

If you need to make jump rings, it’s very easy to do. Make a couple of turns of wire around a pair of needle nosed pliers or a jump ring mandrel and cut them free with flush wire cutters.

Attach any elements that will hang together, like my hamsa and key. It’s easier to assemble the charm clusters first and then put them on the cord!

Attach additional charms and charm clusters to your cord. Make sure to close the jump rings as completely as possible so they don’t snag on the cord.

Now it’s time to tie your cord to finish the necklace! You can tie a bow or even a simple square knot, but I like to use a sliding barrel knot. A barrel knot allows you to easily adjust the necklace’s length. It was difficult to photograph the process with the silk cord I used, so if you don’t know how to tie a barrel knot I recommend you check out a video like this one on YouTube. The poster is showing to make a bracelet, but she has a pretty clear demonstration of tying a barrel knot using rat tail cord.

Wear and enjoy!

I really love the way my crystal & key necklace looks with my new linen dress. I got the lovely softened lavender linen from Fabrics Store and followed their free pattern for a relaxed fit half-sleeve linen dress. {{This is absolutely not a sponsored post and those two are not affiliate links! I just am excited to share a place for lovely linen resources.}}

I’ll be sharing a tutorial for my super simple rope belt soon, so keep an eye open for that! Update: you can find the belt tutorial here!

What charms would you include on your necklace? What symbols or charms have personal meaning to you?

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  • Duni February 24, 2017, 02:11

    So, so pretty and I love your pink tools 🙂
    Some of the things are Anthro do not justify the price.

    • Duni February 24, 2017, 02:12


    • Natashalh February 24, 2017, 07:08

      They’re a little rusty now, but they still work! And I agree – the price on some Anthro things is confusingly high. Some things are completely reasonable, though, and I feel like you’ll never know which is which until you look at the tag!

  • Marieken February 23, 2017, 06:29

    Love the combo of these three, and like that you attached the hamsa to the key. I can also imagine it costed you just a fraction of the price you would have paid for the Anthropologie version of the necklace!

    • Natashalh February 23, 2017, 07:20

      I wasn’t emulating any specific necklace, but I’m sure that’s true! I looked at some of their jewelry pieces and I was like ?!?! at the price. Also, I don’t know if it’s something they do where you are, but all the jewelry I saw this time was packaged on suede leather, which seems very unnecessary to me.

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