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Super Simple DIY Belt Tutorial

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Hello and happy Thursday! In last week’s necklace tutorial, I mentioned that I’d also made the belt worn in the photo. Well, today I’m sharing a super simple DIY belt tutorial to show exactly how I did it! A belt like this is great for a casual, natural dress like the linen one I just made or something nautical/summery, and it only takes a couple minutes to make.

You don’t need much at all to make this belt, just some narrow rope or cording and a pair of scissors. I used 1/8″ cotton rope I had on hand, but you could also use decorative cording like what you find in the trim section of fabric and craft stores. For a more rustic look, you could also go with hemp or jute twine.

Materials to make a DIY rope belt

  • About 3 yards of rope or cord (depending on your waist measurement and desired length)
  • Scissors

For the rope/cord, I recommend finding something that’s twisted, not braided. This allows you to create cute little tassels! Here are a few choices that I found on Amazon to demonstrate what I mean:

How to make a DIY rope belt

Grab your rope/cord and wrap it around yourself where you want to wear your belt.

Adjust the length so that you like however much is hanging down, and then add a couple of inches for a knot.

Cut double this measured length of rope. If you have smaller packages of cord, like you frequently find at craft stores, you can always just use two separate pieces because we’re about to cut the long piece in half, anyway!

Find the middle of your rope’s length and cut it in half.

Tie a simple knot about 2″ away from each end of the rope (so you should tie a total of four knots!).

Un-wind the rope up to each knot…

…Then unravel the rope even more to make a cute tassel.

To wear, simply loop both strands of the belt around your waist and secure with a knot. Any knot will do, but a basic square knot is cute and lies flat:

Wear and enjoy!

If you want to know more about the linen and pattern I used for the dress or the necklace I’m wearing, please visit last week’s post on how to make an Anthro-inspired necklace!

On a different note – I’m really loving the piece of purple linen I used for a photo backdrop with this tutorial. It’s a bit looser weave and more vibrant than my dress, but from the same company. Also, I have to give a shout out to Rose and her e-book Product Photography made Simple for the idea to include textured backdrops! If you want to know more about the book and what it can do for you, please stop by Tuesday’s post Product Photography Made Simple with Rose. =)

What have you made lately?

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  • Sarah Leonard March 3, 2017, 08:32

    Such a lovely idea. You look very vintage in these photos – kind of puritan 🙂

  • Rose March 3, 2017, 05:22

    So simple and beautiful! It’s perfect for a casual outfit. Thank you for the shout as well! I love the purple backdrop.

    • Natashalh March 3, 2017, 08:31

      Thank you! I need to actually make what I intended to sew with the fabric, but i’m loving it so much as a backdrop I don’t really want to!

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