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DIY Oil Lamp Update – Cute Rustic Oil Lamp

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During last year’s trip to West Virginia, we put a lot of effort into buying battery powered lanterns, flashlights, and plenty of batteries (including a car battery equipped with plug ins!). Most of these items were stollen, along with our generator, last fall.

This year we decided to take a much more natural approach to lighting and save some hassle, so we opted to rely heavily on oil lamps and lanterns. There were already a couple at the house we could use, and purchasing an extra lamp and lantern was fun! It was so pleasant to have the softer, warm light of lamps instead of electric lanterns.

When we saw frosted chimneys for sale at a local store, my husband commented that he believed one would help amplify a lamp’s light. Unfortunately, the bases were a little too narrow for our lamps. My solution? A DIY oil lamp update! This cute rustic oil lamp with a frosted chimney is the perfect way to make your home even more homey. 🙂

cute and easy diy oil lamp updateAs you can probably tell, this post’s photos were all taken “on location,” so there aren’t quite as many as usual for a tutorial. The process is really simple, though, so I’m sure you won’t miss the extra photos! Amusingly, the only place I could find to take pictures was on the front porch using a detached drop from from a desk balanced on top of a plastic bin as my “table!”

Materials for a DIY oil lamp update

  • Oil lamp – I used a new lamp like this one
  • Frosted glass spray paint – there are many different colors and options available today, so just check to see what’s at your local shops!
  • A decorative candle ring or garland. I used a cute burlap star garland I found at a store in WV.
  • Painters tape (optional)

Here’s the lamp before I did my quick update. There was nothing wrong with it, but I think the updated version is cuter! Plus the frosted globe definitely made it appear more luminous.

Cute rustic oil lamp update

To start, make sure your lamp’s chimney (the globe part) is clean and free from oil and soot. Once it’s clean, and dry, you may want to protect the bottom of the base with painter’s tape. I didn’t do this, but I realized immediately after I sprayed that I should have! Tape off enough of the base so that the metal prongs on the lamp won’t can slide over plain, clear glass instead of frosted glass. You can skip this step, but, depending on your lamp, you may develop small scratches along the chimney’s base with time from putting it off and on. Spray your globe in a well-ventilated area according to your paint’s directions. As with pretty much all paint, several light coats are way more effective than trying to rush it with just one or two heavy ones!

While the paint is drying, unscrew the metal base (if necessary) and pop your candle wreath or garland on the lamp. Make sure the decorations aren’t touching the metal or interfering with the knob if you intend to use the lamp.

Slide the chimney back on the lamp and enjoy your super cute rustic oil lamp!

DIY frosted globe oil lamp

We used our lamp without any problems, but if you choose to use your lamp please keep a close eye on it and check to make sure the decorations don’t become warm/touch the metal or chimney!

We really miss the warm, homey glow from our oil lamps in WV and have talked about buying some to use here in Hawaii just for the fun of it. Do you ever use candles or lamps for their comforting light instead of out of “necessity?”

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  • Julie August 3, 2017, 17:42

    Love the glow of the oil lamps, gives it more ambiance and makes everything cozy!

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