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Crazy Easy DIY Pineapple Bookends

These DIY pineapple bookends are so ridiculously easy to make and look fabulous on your shelf!

I’ve been wanting to make my own pineapple bookends since forever. Last fall, my in-laws held an early first birthday party for our daughter. They’re Miami Cubans and our LG was born in Hawaii, so there was a tropical theme. I immediately knew I wanted to turn some of the plastic pineapple tumblers into bookends, so I brought a couple home.

Today I’m showing you how to turn cheap plastic pineapple cups like you can find at the party store into classy looking, and functional, gold pineapple bookends!

Check out these crazy easy DIY pineapple bookends!

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Materials needed make gold DIY pineapple bookends

  • Two plastic pineapple cups
    • You might be able to find singles at a local party supply store. I don’t know where my mother-in-law got the pineapple cups I used, but the set I linked on Amazon look identical. 
  • Hot glue
    • I recommend low temp for this project. Confused by the different types of hot glue? Check out this hot glue guide!
  • Pea gravel (easiest) or plaster of Paris
  • Gold spray paint for plastic
  • Optional but awesome – silicone finger protectors (Seriously, you need these things in your life if you use hot glue!)
  • A teflon crafting mat, Silpat mat, or just anything smooth and silicone (a spatula, tongs, etc.)
  • An old Amazon box, newspaper, or something else to protect your painting area

How to make easy gold pineapple bookends

Thoroughly wash the outside of your pineapple cups, top and bottom. New plastics frequently have powders and oils on them that make it difficult for paint to adhere.

plastic pineapple cups to turn into DIY pineapple bookends

Once your cup is dry, you’re going to plug up the straw hole on top of each one.

If you have silicone finger protectors, just cover the outside of the hole with a finger then fill up the hole with hot glue from the inside. Make sure to use a smooth part of the finger protector, not the bumpy/grippy part. Let it set for just a sec, then peel your finger away!

If you don’t have finger protectors, you can use something else silicone, like a spatula, instead. Teflon crafting mats are also a great choice! 

plug hole in pineapple cup with hot glue

Fill the bottom of the cup with pea gravel or mix plater of Paris according to the package directions and fill the bottom. If you have gravel sitting around from a gardening or landscaping project it’s so quick and easy to use!

fill bottom half of pineapple cup with pea gravel

Working quickly, lay a bead of hot glue all the way around the top of your cup. If yours has a lip, like mine, place this bead towards the top of the inner lip. If you put it along the bottom, loads of it will just come squishing out. Put the upper portion of the cup on top, let it cool for a few seconds, then carefully rub away any extra glue that leaked out. (This is why you seriously need silicone finger protectors! They’re awesome!)

I’m sorry there are no photos of this step –  you have to work quickly before the hot glue sets and I didn’t have time to take pictures!

Set up a cardboard box, newspapers, drop cloth, etc. outside for spray painting and paint your pineapples! I did a total of three light coats to ensure full coverage, including on the bottom.

easy DIY gold pineapple bookend

Spray painting tips:

  • Allow the spray paint to sit in the sun for a few minutes to ensure it comes out smoothly, but spray paint in the shade.
  • Paint in quick, short bursts (not a solid stream as you go back and forth) to avoid drips.
  • Make sure to follow the can direction and allow ample drying time between coats.
  • If you don’t use spray paint specifically for plastic, the paint may remain tacky, especially on the soft plastic top. 

Use and enjoy your awesome new DIY pineapple bookends!

super easy DIY gold pineapple bookends - no cement required!

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These DIY gold pineapple bookends are so easy. No cement mixing here!

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