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Eco-Friendly Comfort and Fun with Alternative Apparel

I’ve been on 29 individual flights in the past year and on all but one of them (Kailua-Kona to Honolulu in January) I’ve worn the exact same cowl-neck tunic dress. I’ve preferred to travel in a dress for years, but this particular dress became my go-to favorite because it is so incredibly comfortable and versatile. Imagine my delight when I was recently asked to partner with Alternative Apparel, the company that made my awesome traveling dress, to highlight their products! Even better is that I also get to spread the word on an upcoming Alternative Apparel sale. =)

Eco-Friendly Comfort & Fun with Alternative Apparel

This post may include affiliate links, which means I may make a commission on purchases made through these links at no additional cost to you. 

In the interest of disclosure, I’d like to share that I did receive a coupon code to purchase some Alternative Apparel pieces for this post, but the opinions about these pieces are entirely my own. The company is a great fit for my blog and values, and I’ve actually thought about sharing the site before without any sort of incentive because I think y’all will enjoy their clothing and values, too. I love Alternative Apparel because their clothing is comfortable and fashionable in a casual, effortless way that is a natural fit for their socially-conscious business model. With organic fabric options and an emphasis on non-toxic dyes, using recycled materials, and methods that use  60% less water than traditional garment manufacturing, they’re clothes you can feel good about! I mean that literally as well as figuratively – every Alternative piece I’ve ever worn has been ridiculously comfortable.

alternative apparel

Obviously I like my tunic dress dress or I wouldn’t wear it for every trip, but my new activewear is just as delicious to wear. I took photos for this blog post in the morning, and I actually didn’t change until after getting home from the gym around 6:30 that night, which is something I can’t say for any other sports bra I own. Another thing I can’t say for any other sports bra is that one of my new bras has a key pocket! Now I can run while wearing pocketless shorts – huzzah!

Alternative Apparel sports bra Alternative Apparel sports bra with key pocket

I love how the simple pieces are filled with thoughtful details like the key pocket. Also, the elastic on the blue sports bra is sewn on the “outside,” so it isn’t irritating against your skin. The same is true for this awesome purple shirt. It has an elastic band at the bottom (no coming up while during handstand practice or while doing handstand pushups at the gym!!) and it’s sewn on the outside, too.

handstand in Alternative Apparel

Although I chose to get activewear pieces because I feel like I can never have too much clothing for the gym/yoga/life in Hawaii, Alternative Apparel has plenty of non-activewear clothing. They have comfy pieces for men and women, and everything from jackets and ponchos to skirts, dresses, t-shirts, and shorts. You can also specifically filter results so you see their Alternative Eco collection, for example, or just organic offerings! Some of the pieces I chose are partially organic, but they have fully organic clothing, too.

alternative apparel move activewear

I mentioned a sale I get to tell you about! S0 here it is: Alternative Apparel Friends and Family Sale! Take 30% off Site Wide with Code FRIEND30. Valid 5.19 – 5.24 That’s a nice, four day period of time where you can get 30% off all their comfy, socially conscious, thoughtfully designed pieces!

When you shop for clothing or other items, do you research the brands you’re supporting to see if their values align with yours? Have you ever gone out of your way to buy items specifically because of how or where they’re made, or because of the materials used?



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  • D. Renee Wilson May 21, 2016, 00:58

    Sponsored posts can sometimes solicit an eye roll from me, but you are right on the money with this one! Seriously, thank you for sharing a clothing company with Eco-friendly practices.
    I’m on my way to browse and hopefully find something that catches my eye. 1st stop- that shirt. I LOVE tops that stay down during inversions.

    • Natashalh May 21, 2016, 14:59

      I actually seriously have been considering sharing this brand for a while with absolutely no incentive just because I like them. It was really awesome that they reached to me! Also, I wore the blue bra for my competition today and it’s still super comfortable even though I’ve been wearing it for about seven hours at this point. Anyway, if they still have the shirt in stock I think it’s in the sale section (yay, sales!), so make sure to look for it there if you don’t see it under the regular activewear section. =)

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