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Currently Crafting – Hotel Room Art and Free Printable Hawaiian Coloring Page

Grab a fun free printable Hawaiian coloring page in the surf art style!

Hey, everyone! I wanted to share a quick Currently Crafting post and a free printable Hawaiian coloring page! If you’re just here for the coloring page, you can find it at the bottom of the post.

I’ve been very busy preparing for our move and didn’t have much time for art or crafting this month. Moving out somewhere you’ve lived for 5 years + baby having a “Wonder Week” and her 6 month vaccines = recipe for major exhaustion.

Because we won’t see our household goods for about two months (and I already have some serious doubts about their condition once they arrive), I packed as much of my watercolor and art supplies as I could reasonably bring. Which, honestly, wasn’t as much as I’d have with me in an ideal world, but hey. It’s plenty for now. {{Speaking of limited supplies, these are almost all cell phone photos, so please bear with me! Better photos will return to The Artisan Life once I’m no longer living in a hotel room.}}

We spent a week on Ford Island, where the photo below was taken, and are spending our last couple of nights treating ourselves to a mini-vacation at the Hale Koa hotel in Waikiki.

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Typically when I travel I only bring coloring supplies with me, but this time I also packed my watercolors and a few markers. Having limited supplies on hand can be quite good for you – it makes you really use your imagination and find new ways to use what you have on hand. Plus, let’s be honest, there are too many enticing art and craft supplies out there! Us normal people can’t buy them all, so we always have to make choices about what supplies to purchase and use.

It’s always so frustrating to buy an art book or online class or what have you and then be faced with a laundry list of expensive “must have” items, which is why I am absolutely loving Tam of Willowing Art’s class Turn a Little into a Lot! She shows you how to use relatively limited supplies to make a beautiful mixed media face. Let me tell you, Tam is my personal hero right now. I’ve always wanted ‘to be able to’ draw and have really admired the whimsical face drawing/painting style, but I’ve never really had any luck/understood the process.

I started out with her free mixed media class (just head over to Willowing.org and sign up for her email list to enroll) and was immediately excited about my first face sketches from following along with her. She is so encouraging and it’s wonderful to see the entire drawing and painting process, instead of just the beautiful finished project. It’s so easy to be under the impression that people who ‘can draw’ just plop down and create a masterpiece so it’s awesome to see the process unfold. I started with a couple of graphite faces and just finally built up the courage to attack one with paints and markers. I’m not that proficient with my Tombow markers, but I’m trying to stretch my comfort zone (plus they’re great for working on art while you’re traveling). Here are a few WIP shots from this project:

She’s not quite finished but I am so pleased and excited I feel like jumping up and down. I never imagined I could make something this cool!

I’m also trying to become better aquatinted with my Tombow markers. I’ve had some brush tip, water soluble markers for ages but have never really done much with them because I am horrible at brush lettering (which is sort of annoying because I’m actually okay with a broad nib fountain pen). This project, using just markers, a white Posca paint pen, and a 05 black Micron pen, was both a fun, quick hotel art project and a warm up for celebrating Mermay soon.

Both of these projects are in my Moleskin watercolor notebook. It’s decidedly okay. I like it better than the Strathmore wire bound notebook I used a while ago for small, on the go projects. I love using lots of water and paint (which is why Arches 300 lb is my favorite paper), and it isn’t good for that. It’s fine for wet on dry techniques, watercolor sketches, and small mixed media projects like my whimsical girl.

As I mentioned above, one of my favorite creative outlets while traveling is coloring. I also enjoy making printable coloring pages, but haven’t published one since last fall, so I thought it was high time! To commemorate leaving Hawaii in just a couple of days, I drew this free printable Hawaiian coloring page for y’all:

Hawaiian coloring page free printable

I’m not a super master colorer, just someone who enjoys coloring. It’s truly amazing what some people do with coloring books! If you print and color this page, please post a photo of it and tag me on social media. I’m @natashalhn on Instagram and would love to see your work! To grab your free printable Hawaiian coloring page, just visit this Google Drive link. Print with “print full image” selected. It can be printed borderless, if your printer has that capability. Mine does, but I know many do not, so I printed it with a boarder. However you print it, I hope you enjoy! I have several other printable coloring pages in the works, so keep an eye out for more soon!

What have you created lately?

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  • Pamela Baker April 30, 2018, 04:22

    I can’t imagine having to pack all your artwork, plus all the baby necessities and items you have accumulated; all that combined with moving with a 6 mo old! Glad to see you still find time to do your artwork – love the vibrant colors in your painting. I am sure you will miss your brief time in Hawaii with all the beautiful inspirational colors.
    How long will your move take? Enjoy each day as each one will shortly become a past memory!

    • Natasha May 1, 2018, 16:09

      Yes, it’s been pretty overwhelming! Then we have to find a used car as soon as we arrive. I’m really looking forward to about a week from now when we can finally relax a bit.

      We expect our household goods to take about two months to arrive. I already have my doubts about their condition based on the move out – I’m afraid we’re going to have to pend some time filling out damage forms!

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