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Free Printable Shape & Object Templates

Here’s where you can find all the free printable shape and object templates I’ve created to date! These templates include a variety of sizes, typically from 1″ up to 8″ or 10″. Some of the shapes are even larger!

Currently included shape templates include: triangles, circles, hearts, and stars.

Make sure to bookmark this page and visit often because I regularly add new shapes and objects!

free printable triangle templates

Free Printable Triangle Templates

These free printable triangle templates are perfect for crafts and math activities! I love sharing printable shape patterns. Today's post ...
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free printable star templates from 1" to 12"

25+ Free Printable Star Templates (& extra large star pattern!)

Five pointed stars, rounded stars, small stars, extra large stars, and so much more! This collection of free printable star ...
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17 sizes of free printable circle templates

Epic Collection of Free Printable Circle Templates – circles from 1″ to 16″!

This epic collection of free printable circle templates has 15 sizes of circle pattern from 1" up to 16"!!! Raise ...
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Free printable Easter egg coloring pages

25+ Free Printable Easter Egg Templates & Easter Egg Coloring Pages

Welcome to this epic collection of free printable Easter egg templates and Easter egg coloring pages! I hope you enjoy ...
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17+ free printable shamrock templates from small to huge! Sizes range from 1" up to 10"!

17+ Free Printable Four Leaf Clover & Shamrock Templates

This post has all the four leaf shamrock template printables & free printable shamrock cutouts you'll need for your St ...
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free printable heart templates

12+ Heart Template Printables – Free Heart Stencils and Patterns

Grab these free printable heart templates and stencils in sizes from one inch up to ten inches! Over the years ...
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free printable snowflake coloring pages

Printable Snowflake Coloring Pages

There is something so calming and enjoyable about coloring geometric designs. Usually when I think of geometric coloring pages, I ...
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