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Green Living

Welcome to the home of resources for green living here on The Artisan Life!

This is where you’ll find guides for ways to reduce your waste, select nontoxic products, and make your own natural, homemade cleaners. I hope you enjoy!

a jar of calendula oil with caption "how to make calendula oil"

DIY Calendula Oil Recipe

Calendula oil is fantastic for your skin and easy to make in a single day with this tutorial! I remember ...
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soothing lavender eucalyptus shower steamers

Child-Safe Shower Steamers for Congestion

This recipe for child-safe shower steamers for congestion and colds is a natural way to ease discomfort when your family ...
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PVC-free shower curtains

Why you Need a Nontoxic Shower Curtain – The Best PVC-Free Shower Curtains

If you're trying to remove toxins from your home, you need to consider a non toxic shower curtain! Discover the ...
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Plastic Wrap Alternatives

Plastic Wrap Alternatives

Discover the best plastic wrap alternatives for food storage, microwaving, and freezing! Alternatives to plastic wrap have become increasingly popular ...
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DIY Nontoxic Stained Wood Coasters Tutorial

DIY Natural Wood Stain (with wood coaster tutorial!)

Learn how to make your own natural wood stain with this easy tutorial! Making your own wood stain is easy ...
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diy natural goo gone

Homemade Adhesive Remover – Natural and Nontoxic!

Random sticky residues are part of my every day life as a toddler mom. This homemade adhesive remover (aka DIY ...
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non-toxic carpet powder recipes

Homemade Carpet Powder – Easy, Non-Toxic DIY Carpet Powder Recipe

No one likes stinky rugs and carpets - discover how to make homemade carpet powder for a clean, healthy home! ...
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how to bake with honey

How to Substitute Honey for Sugar – Honey to Sugar Conversion Chart

Avoiding refined sugars is important to me and my family, but sometimes you need a bit of sweetener! This honey ...
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The Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

Discover the best eco conscious yoga mats, including a top rated affordable eco friendly yoga mat made with jute! Many ...
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Are sippy cups safe? Discover the best non-toxic sippy cup alternatives for toddlers! Toddler cup reviews, stainless steel sippy cups on Amazon, and more!

The Best Non-Toxic Sippy Cup Alternatives – Toddler Cups & Bottles That Aren’t Plastic!

Discover the best non-toxic sippy cup alternatives & environmentally friendly sippy cups for your toddler! I've always said I didn't ...
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Eco-friendly aluminum foil alternatives to help you go zero waste

The Best Aluminum Foil Alternatives for a Healthier, Zero Waste Lifestyle

Discover the best aluminum foil alternatives (and plastic wrap alternatives!) for a healthier, zero waste lifestyle! There's also a bonus ...
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Homemade non-toxic Febreze without fabric softener!

Non-Toxic Homemade Febreze Without Fabric Softener – DIY Febreze Recipe

This non-toxic homemade Febreze without fabric softener is easy to make and safer to use! Once you see how easy ...
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the best wood toys for toddlers

The Best Non-Toxic Wood Toys for Toddlers

The amount of plastic toddler toys on the market can be overwhelming. When you want low-tech, classic wood toys for ...
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DIY natural wood polish tutorial

DIY Natural Wood Polish & Cutting Board Conditioner

This natural, DIY cutting board conditioner is perfect for your wood bowls, spoons, and cutting boards! Although I will admit ...
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diy all natural mold and mildew spray

DIY Mold Spray with Essential Oils – Easy and Non-Toxic

This natural DIY mold spray with essential oils is easy to make and effective & non-toxic to use! For most ...
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