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How to Paint Transparency Swatches with Watercolors is Live on Skillshare!

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I just wanted to stop in with a quick post to let y’all know that the latest class in my Skillshare series is live!

If you ever feel like your painting (or drawing or photo – the same concept applies!) is looking kind of ‘blah,’ you may be lacking a diverse range of values that includes dark darks and light highlights, not just a bunch of mid-tones.

I took in-person watercolor classes with a wonderful instructor for over a year and she would remind us time and again of the importance of having darks and highlights so it’s really burned into my brain. She was absolutely correct – a painting can transform from okay to totally eye catching as soon as you add truly dark shadows and bright highlights.

We already covered lifting and scrubbing paint in last week’s class on testing your watercolor paints for staining, so this week it’s time to look at all the values you can create with transparency swatches! You can enroll and learn how to paint transparency swatches with watercolors today. 🙂

How to Paint Transparency Swatches with Watercolors - Get to Know your Watercolors class series on Skillshare

Learning about transparency swatches will help you discover the values you can create with each paint which, in turn, allows you to add depth and realism to your paintings. As usual for the Get to Know your Watercolors series, this class is under 15 minutes so it’s easy to watch and implement right away! If you don’t already have a Skillshare membership, you can use my affiliate link to receive a two month free trial that will give you unlimited access to all Skillshare Premium classes. Warning: you may not have time for anything else because learning on Skillshare can be addictive!

And, relavant to basically nothing, I have to take a moment to say Happy Anniversary to my husband! Today we’re celebrating with a beach trip in the town where our story began. Hopefully we can snag a few good photos to share!

I have at least two more lessons planned in this watercolor series, but I’m still curious to know if there’s anything else you’d like to learn or see! Would you like to finish off the series with a painting project that puts some of your new skills to use? Please let me know!

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