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How to Make and Use a Gratitude Jar

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Have you ever had one project turn into multiple projects? I was working on my “Taking Time for Thanks” class when I realized that I really wanted to share one of the projects from the class in greater depth, and that’s how I ended up creating another new class, How to Make and Use a Gratitude Jar.

How to Make and Use a Gratitude Jar

As I mentioned last Wednesday, Taking Time for Thanks is full of hands-on projects, and this gratitude jar is one of the suggested ways to incorporate a gratitude practice into your daily life. You can use just about anything as a “gratitude jar” – you could even just use a stack of sticky notes! However, in my experience, having a pretty jar at hand with nice notepaper makes it a lot easier to remember to write down things you are grateful for. I didn’t want to turn Taking Time for Thanks into a series of in-depth crafting tutorials, so I decided to create a stand-alone Skillshare class called How to Make and Use a Gratitude Jar! The intro video is less than a minute long and gives a feel for what the class is like:

As with all Skillshare classes, getting to the 25 student mark is very important for me. A class must have 25 students in order to appear on the “trending” search results page, and if you can do it within two weeks of launching you receive an added boost in the rankings. The theory is that you’re supposed to create a free enrollment link that’s good for 25 uses and create a sense of scarcity so people hurry up and sign up quick, but that’s just not who I am! I want lots of people – regular blog readers and folks who find Taking Time for Thanks once it goes live – to have the opportunity to watch this class totally free, which is why I’m offering 50 free enrollments in “How to Make and Use a Gratitude Jar!” 

If you’d like to enroll in the gratitude jar class for free, please use this link.

If you decide that Skillshare looks awesome and you’d like to receive a three month unlimited membership for just 99 cents, please use this link!

And speaking of Taking Time for Thanks – it is going live on Wednesday! I can’t wait to share the class with y’all. =) It isn’t a day-by-day class, exactly – it’s suggestions for fun and simple ways to incorporate a gratitude practice into your daily life. There are hands on projects, like the gratitude jar and a printable banner:

printable gratitude banner preview

As well as simple thought exercises, like ways to turn things that are annoying you into things to be grateful for. It really is a no-stress class: no daily emails, no set schedule, and it’s free! Stay tuned for all the details on Wednesday. =)

Have you ever created a gratitude jar? How do you make your gratitude practice easy and enjoyable?

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  • Duni November 9, 2016, 02:27

    A gratitude jar is a super idea! Yours looks very sweet 🙂

    • Natashalh November 9, 2016, 06:56

      Thank you! I love the way the lavender smells. The jar lives on a little table right by my desk!

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