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Mini Yarn Skein Necklace Tutorial – DIY Necklace for Yarn Lovers

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This mini yarn skein necklace is such a perfect gift idea for knitters and crafters!

My mom has always been a knitter. Well, I assume there was a point in her life before she learned how to knit, but it was before I can remember! Like many fiber enthusiasts, she ends up leftover bits of yarn. When she came to visit in February, she brought me a few of these balls of scrap yarn. How exciting! I decided to put some of the yarn to work as a necklace. After playing around with several ideas, I came up with this mini yarn skein necklace tutorial! It’s easy, fun, and a great handmade gift idea for yarn lovers. I hope you enjoy!

mini yarn skein necklace tutorial

One of the reasons I like this necklace so much is that it’s basically ‘free!’

If you’re a crafter, chances are really good you already have everything you need at home so you probably won’t have to buy any new supplies. If you decide to make up several as gifts for friends and family, this mini yarn skien necklace could also be a good stash-busting project!

Materials needed to make a mini yarn skein necklace

  • Yarn! I suggest a mid-weight – not too thin, not too bulky. Go raid your stash! You’ll need approximately 5 feet.
  • A relatively small, thin book or notebook. Mine was a little over 6″ long and under 1/2″ thick.
  • Two pre-made jump rings or a jump ring mandrel, wire, and flush cutters to make your own. I made two 1/4″ jump rings.
  • Chain and a clasp. Pick whatever type of chain and length you like!
  • Scissors
  • Jewelry pliers

To make your mini yarn skein necklace

Wrap your yarn around your book a few times. I liked the look of four wraps, but more or less may look better, depending on your yarn and book. Experiment a little! Just remember your mini yarn skein will ultimately have twice as many strands as wraps, so don’t go overboard. Tie the yarn’s ends and snip most of the excess.

Slide the looped yarn off the book then, using your fingers, twist, twist, twist so the yarn wraps around itself.

Fold the yarn in half, then release to allow it to wrap around itself, like a small skein. You may need to encourage a few more twists or wraps at the ends if things come too undone.

Carefully insert your jump rings – one through both “free” loops on one end (the right side in the photo above), one through the bend where the yarn doubles back on itself.

Attach your chain, close the jump rings with your pliers et voila! A lovely mini yarn skein necklace.

diy mini yarn skein necklace

Keep one for yourself, and make another mini yarn skein necklace for a friend. šŸ™‚

DIY mini yarn skein necklace

If you’re a crafter, you’ll probably also like this roundup of 20+ fabric stash busting project ideas!

stash busting fabric scrap craft ideas

I think making a miniature skein of yarn and turning it into a necklace is one of my more creative stash busting projects. What’s your favorite way to put some of your scraps and leftovers to work?

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