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Ombre Painted Beachy Vase Vase Tutorial

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This week I’m sharing a fun ombre painted beachy vase tutorial…because another beachy vase is exactly what our home needs! We still have shelf space, so that must mean it’s okay for me to keep making beachy decor items, right?

Ombre Painted Beachy Vase Tutorial

Unfortunately, it seems like the exact frosted beach glass paints I used are no longer available. Womp-womp. However, I’ve found several useful alternatives! A frosted glass spray paint is currently pretty popular (I’ve seen it at craft and home improvement stores), and there seems to be a Martha Stewart line of satin multi-surface paints in similar colors. Also, DecoArt has a line of frost glass paints. Of course, you can always just use “regular,” non frosted paint, too, as long as it’s a multi-surface paint that can adhere to glass. =)

Materials needed for an ombre painted vase

You can personalize the vase with fishing net, other ribbons, twine, more shells, etc. Let it be your creative canvas!


How to make an ombre beach glass vase

The painting steps apply for any type of paint you’re using – it doesn’t matter if you have spray paint or a different multi-surface paint.

1. Apply a thin layer of paint over the entire vase. (Well, you can skip the bottom, but paint all the sides all the way to the top!). Go light with this layer – you can always add more paint on, but it’s much tricker to get it off. If you’re panting with a brush and not spray paint, putting the vase down over your arm can help you paint without messing up your work surface. I’ve found that sort of “pouncing” the paint on seems to work best when you’re painting on glass. Brushing it on tends to leave streaks for me.


Bonus tip – don’t worry about washing your brush each time! Wrap it in some plastic wrap or put it in a ziplock bag. If you’re completing the project all in one day, this will keep your paint wet enough to reuse the same brush without washing it a zillion times.

wrap your brush to keep the paint wet

2. Allow the paint to dry, then paint a second layer. With the second layer, stop applying paint about 1.5-2″ below the top to begin creating your ombre effect. It’s tricky to see in this picture, but I’m pointing at where I stopped painting.

second-coat-of-paint3. Wait for this paint to dry, then apply a third layer. Stop applying paint an additional 2″ or so below where you stopped painting last time.

4. After the third layer has dried, apply a fourth layer. Again, stop applying paint a couple inches below where you painted last time.

ombre painted vase

5. Once this final coat of paint is dry, it’s time to start decorating! I used a piece of burlap ribbon and cut it to length so I’d be able to wrap around the vase with about an inch of overlap.

cut ribbons to length

6. Pick a side to be the “back” of the vase. (You know, the side that has that funny spot in the paint that appeared as if by magic…) Wrap your ribbon around the vase with the overlap at the “back,” then secure it with glue. I love Tacky Glue because it dries clear, has an excellent hold, and doesn’t smell horrible. I know it looks like a mess right now, but once it dried it looks great. =)


7. Apply any additional ribbons, if desired. I added a strip of satin ribbon down the middle of my jute ribbon.


8. Apply any final decorations, like a starfish, to the “front” of your vase and allow the glue to dry lying flat.


9. Enjoy your beautiful new beachy vase!

ombre painted beach vase tutorial

And that’s that. =)

This ombre painted vase may be my favorite beachy vase/jar-type item I’ve created yet, so once the shelf gets too crowded something else is going to have to find a new home! This vase is staying with us for a while.

Have you made any new decorations for your home lately? Or maybe “just” rearranged things?

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  • Julie August 1, 2016, 23:21

    No way!! It really doesn’t look like you did it – looks bought! So simple as well, who would have thought…?!!

    • Natashalh August 2, 2016, 06:32

      Thank you! Edi commented the same technique could work for all different themes, so now I’m really tempted to make more! I got rid of a lot of vases from our wedding reception, but two years out I still have at least half a dozen of them just sitting around. I may have to start painting them!

  • Cynthia July 29, 2016, 02:40

    I love the look of this! what a great idea

    • Natashalh July 29, 2016, 10:12

      Thank you, Cynthia! It’s looking great in our living room. =)

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