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Petomato and AeroGarden Apartment Gardening Progress Update – Week 3

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I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since I planted my unboxing the Petomato and getting started with the AeroGarden. Both were “planted” on 10/16/2014 and these pictures were taken on 11/6/2014.

Here’s the tomato plant! I’m very impressed by how sturdy the stem is. The bottle sits in the living room window and, for the first few days, I rotated it every couple hours because it was leaning so much. The window is a huge panel that runs the length of the living room, so we keep one of the curtains pulled and one of them open. I moved the Petomato to the curtained section and, because the curtain is white, it seems to reflect enough light to keep the tomato growing straight and strong. Success!

petomato progress three weeks

There are two different types of lettuce in the AeroGarden. One variety sprouted several days before the other, so those plants are larger. The pictured lettuce is the same one that’s featured in previous posts. We actually plan to harvest a couple of the outer leaves today and add them to the greens from our CSA for a delicious supper salad.


In addition to the Petomato and AeroGarden, we’ve also started growing some micro greens. I look forward to posting about them soon! I’m still very happy with all of our apartment gardening solutions and we’re both excited about eating homegrown produce soon, even though we don’t have a yard or balcony.

Do you deal with challenging spaces for your garden?

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