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Sandy Texture Summer Beach Vase Tutorial – with free Silhouette Studio file!

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If you don’t know I love beachy decor, this is probably your first time visiting my blog! I’m lucky it’s summer for many other people right now, too, because I can feel a little awkward sharing beachy projects when I know it’s winter most everywhere else in the US.

Anyway, for today’s project I decided to try out something I’ve been eyeballing for a long time – that stone textured Krylon paint. I found it in a “fine texture” at the local craft store and I just couldn’t resist any longer. The Sandstone color is a wonderful match for sand, so I decided to make a sandy texture summer beach vase! Isn’t it cute?

DIY Sand Texture Summer Beach Vase Tutorial

You could just spray paint any vase or dish and leave it at that, but I love using my Silhouette Cameo (which is a good thing since many of my most popular Etsy store products rely on it!) so I decided to make starfish cut outs with repositionable vinyl and use them as sort of reverse stencils. If you like the starfish, that’s awesome! I’m including the Silhouette Studio file for free with this tutorial. =)

If you don’t have a  cutting machine, you could also use stickers to create the shapes or, as I mentioned above, you should just spray the whole vase. You can also use pretty much any size/shape vase or bottle for this project – it’s very flexible.

Materials needed for a sandy texture summer beach vase

  • A vase or jar
  • Fine texture Krylon paint (I used “Sandstone”)
  • Stickers or Silhouette Cameo, removable vinyl (I use Oracle 631 for my projects), and the freebie cut file
  • Vinyl scraper or bank card (optional but helpful)
  • Rubbing alcohol or Windex and a paper towel
  • An old box, paper, tarp, or something else to protect your work surface for spray painting.
supplies for sand texture summer beach vase

How to make a beachy vase

1. To be safe, go ahead and wipe down the vase with rubbing alcohol or Windex to remove any oils and let it dry.

2. Cut out the starfish on your Silhouette, or just decide which stickers to use. Make sure to grab the freebie starfish cut file!

cut out starfish witl Silhoeutte Cameo

3. If you cut out the starfish, carefully “weed” the vinyl by pulling up everything that is not the starfish cut outs.

weed the vinyl

4. Wash your hands and dry them on a lint-free cloth.

5. Transfer your stickers or vinyl starfish to your vase, positioning them however you’d like. Press them firmly in place with a fingernail or, preferably, a vinyl scraper or old bank card/club membership card/gift card/etc.

burnish the stickers

6. Protect an area outside with a large box, paper, trash bags, or whatever else you need to in order to keep sandstone texture off your house and walkways!

7. Place the vase upside-down on the protected work surface and carefully apply a light layer of spray paint. If you haven’t used the textured spray before, I recommend practicing first on something you don’t mind throwing away because it does spray a little differently from “normal” paint. It’s important to either keep your vase upside-down or protect the inside in some other way in order to prevent paint from getting inside. If there’s texture on the inside, your pretty starfish won’t show up as well!

8. Apply additional layers of paint, as needed. I personally like three light layers of paint, but it depends on how opaque you want the vase to be.

vase painted with sandstone texture

9. Allow the paint to dry fully before removing the stickers. If you try to remove them too soon, the paint may peel away. It’s best to let the vase dry overnight.

10. Slowly peel away the stickers or vinyl, being careful not to peel away any paint.

remove stickers

11. Use your awesome new sandy texture summer beach vase and enjoy!

beachy summer vase

It’s cute for both flower and decorative objects.

diy sandy texture summer beach vase

Using the Krylon spray was a little tricker than usual, but it’s fun and I’m so glad I picked up a can! I already have another project planned using the same fine textured spray, I just have to pick up a potted plant before I can complete it.

On a very unrelated note – people have asked I keep sharing my yoga videos here, so I wanted to let y’all know there’s a new one live! This is last week’s promised “airplane yoga” – a short practice designed to be done sitting down. It’s great for when you can’t escape your desk, you’re stuck in a car, or you’re working through some mobility or balance difficulties that make standing poses tricky.

Speaking of yoga, I’d better wrap up this post so I can do my own daily practice! It’s yard maintenance day outside and I find all the noise very stressful, which makes Thursday mornings a really great time for a relaxing Yin practice.

Have you used any of the textured spray paints, stone or metal, before? What did you use it on and how did your project turn out? I really want to try the metal paint, too. Is it worth it?


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  • Rose July 11, 2016, 06:31

    Beautiful! The textured effect is so neat.

    • Natashalh July 11, 2016, 07:23

      Thank you! It’s a really fun effect. I’d been hesitant to try the paint, but the “fine” version looks nice!

  • Julie July 7, 2016, 16:02

    This is SOO cute!! Love it!! I have been thinking a lot lately on what my “style” is for decorating and I”m all over the place… I love this beachy decor but I also really like modern design/clean lines/minimalism. But then I kind of also like rustic. Hmm.

    • Natashalh July 8, 2016, 07:15

      Truthfully, I have that problem, too! I actually do like some modern things and some rustic things, too. I try to go for a sort of rustic+beachy feel most of the time, but it’s hard. It’s only lately that we’ve been trying to streamline our decor a bit.

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