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Valentine’s Paper Globe Ornament Tutorial – free Silhouette Studio templates!

Earlier this week I told my husband what I want for Valentine’s Day is…a hug. Yes, a hug and a “Happy Valentine’s Day” is really all I need. If I were to ask for any physical gift, I’d prefer something we made together to anything brought home from the store. Actually, just making something together would be a fun way to celebrate – we’ve been working on making wood boxes lately and have been doing some great teamwork!

I really do prefer handmade presents and decorations to factory-produced ones so even though I’m not big on Valentine’s Day I had to create something for it!

Today I’m sharing a paper globe ornament tutorial with everyone because it’s inexpensive, easy to customize, pretty, and cute! What a great combination.
Paper Globe Valentine's Ornaments Tutorial

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Even though I made my paper globe ornaments with Valentine’s colors, you could easily make these for any holiday or occasion. Card stock, scrapbook paper, and even old cards or postcards work equally well for these ornament.

I used my favorite Neenah cardstock because I love the colors and the high recycled material content (it’s available at most Target stores).

paper globe valentine's

Materials for a Valentine’s Paper Globe Ornament

  • Cardstock or scrapbook paper – I prefer these ornaments in two colors. Two 12″x12″ sheets should make at least 4 complete ornaments if you use all of both sheets
  • Large circle punch (1.5″ or 2″) or this free Silhouette Studio template
  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon
  • Small hole punch (optional – I show how to make the ornaments both with and without)
  • Embroidery floss, beads, charms, etc. as extra decoration (optional)
  • Scissors
materials needed to make paper globe ornament

For each paper globe ornament you will need 20 circles.

You’ll also need one equilateral triangle template that fits inside the circle.

If you can use the downloadable Silhouette file, it has 40 1.5″ circles and 2 perfectly sized triangles. Designed to use a 12×12 sheet, everything is aligned so you can actually use two 12×6 pieces next to each other and cut two colors needed for two ornaments simultaneously.

If you do not have access to a Silhouette machine, you’ll need to make an equilateral triangle template to match your circle punch. Here’s how to make the correct size triangle. Go ahead and punch out one circle:

how to make triangle template 1

Fold it in half:

how to make triangle template 2

Unfold, then fold in half again the ‘other way’ to make a + with the creases on the circle:

how to make triangle template 3

Unfold, then fold up one side so the outside edge comes to the middle of the +, as shown:

how to make triangle template 4

Leave this fold in place, then make another fold as shown. You can’t see it under my finger, but the bottom end of the first fold is immediately adjacent to the bottom edge of the second fold. Try to make the gap between them as small to nonexistent as possible.

how to make triangle template 5

Make a third and final fold to create a triangle:

how to make triangle template 6

Cut along the inside of the fold to create a small triangle:

triange template for paper globe ornament

You have your template – yahoo!

How to make a paper globe ornament

1. Prepare your triangle template and circles. You’ll need 20 total circles for each globe ornament. I chose to use 10 of one color and 10 of a second color, but you can use as many or few colors as you’d like!

working on paper ball ornaments with tea

2. Place your triangle template in the center of a circle.

place triangle on circle

3. Fold the circle along the triangle’s edges, as shown:

fold edges

4. Remove the triangle template and keep folding circles until you have at least 20 folded circles.

fold 20 circles

5. Select 10 folded pieces (I like to use 5 of each color) and arrange them to form a chain. They should alternate orientation, as shown.

make a chain with 10 folded circles

6. Carefully use your hot glue to glue this chain together.

glue a chain with 10 folded circles

7. Bend the chain back towards itself and glue it into a ring.

glue a loop with 10 folded circles

8. Select 5 pieces for your ‘top’ and 5 more for the ‘bottom.’ You can alternate colors, but the odd number of pieces means the pattern won’t work perfectly. Alternatively, you can make the top one solid color and the bottom another color – the choice is yours!

select pieces for the top and bottom

9. Glue each set of 5 into a round, as shown.
top-bottom of globe ornament

10. If you do have a small hole punch and/or don’t wish to attach charms: Attach the rounds on either side of the ring you completed in step 7. I find it easiest to work one petal at a time instead of putting glue on the entire ring and trying to work quickly before the hot glue hardens.

Punch a hole through one set of glued petals and cut an 8-10″ length of ribbon or floss.

punch hole for ribbon hanger

Loop the ribbon through and knot it off to create a hanger.

attach ribbon hanger

If you do not have a small hole punch and/or want to attach charms: Before securing the top and bottom in place, cut a length of ribbon, make a loop, and thread it through the center hole in one of the rounds. Knot it off on the “inside” prevent the ribbon from slipping through and glue it in place with hot glue, if needed.

To add charms, thread charms and beads on a length of embroidery floss or ribbon, then thread this floss through the central hole of the ornaments “bottom” piece, knot off inside, and glue in place.

adding charms to globe ornament

Glue the tops and bottoms with attached ribbons/charms in place, working a petal at a time.

adding charms to globe ornament-2

And that’s that! Enjoy your new Valentine’s ornaments.

Valentine's Paper Globe Ornament Tutorial

Do you like to decorate for “small” holidays, too, or just the major ones? What’s your favorite holiday to decorate for?

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