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Why I Became DoTerra “Wellness Advocate” – It’s Probably not why you Think!

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2018 Edit: I’m actually not a WA at this time. Things have changed since this post was first published four years ago and I’ve moved back to the Mainland. I’ve found that it’s far easier to find pure essential oils than it used to be so I don’t “need” to be a WA anymore. I’m keeping this post up, though, because I know people find it useful.

I became a DoTerra “Wellness Advocate” in October because I wanted to buy the Family Physician set of essential oils. Sounds crazy, right? Anyone can buy it and, to be perfectly honest, you can actually buy some DoTerra oils on Amazon (you just can’t get them shipped to Hawaii!). But it’s true, and it’s why I’m glad I’m a Wellness Advocate, even though I never plan to host a single “party” or hand our fliers to my neighbors.

Why I Became a DoTerra Wellness Advocate

Because of the discount offered to Wellness Advocates, it actually cost me slightly less to sign up and purchase the set at the same time than it would have to purchase the set without signing up. People with wholesale/Wellness Advocate accounts typically get a 25% discount on products and discounted shipping, which are both pretty nice!

So why on Earth did I want the set of essential oils, anyway? Well, for several reasons. On a basic level, it contains some nice scents I love like lavender and lemon, but that are very expensive to purchase in-store in Hawaii and difficult to get shipped here. More importantly, the Family Physician kit has bottles of oregano oil and a blend of oils called DigestZen. Oregano oil is pretty useful, and I really wanted to try DigestZen to see if it helped “tame my tummy.” Although I don’t talk about it much, and have probably never blogged about it before, I’ve always had a fairly easy to upset digestive system. I was notorious for car sickness as a child (okay, so I still feel really awful on a lot of Hawaiian roads!), and a wide variety of foods don’t really agree with me. Some of it is because I’m really not accustomed to a lot of the things most people eat every day, but I also suspect that food additives and manufactured ingredients also play a role. I can absolutely tell within half an hour if something I ate or drank had an artificial sweetener in it, for example. I just don’t think it’s a coincidence I feel the same (icky) way after every time I have something with an artificial sweetener, no matter how approved by the FDA they may be. In other instances, a commercially-made version of a product will make me feel terrible, but a homemade version won’t. Movie theater popcorn hasn’t agreed with me for years, but homemade popcorn doesn’t trouble me at all.

But I digress.

After using up my small, set bottle of DigestZen, I recently ordered another, larger one because it’s working so well for me. I hate the way it tastes, so I put a drop of it in a capsule every morning. I think it’s mostly the anise I can’t stand! I keep taking it, though, because it works for me. DigestZen is a blend of ginger, peppermint, tarragon, fennel, caraway, coriander, and anise oils, all of which are known for calming a stomach. Ginger pills even kept my super seasick-prone husband from feeling terrible during a boat trip on our honeymoon!

gel caps with DigestZen

Because of my discount, I got my new bottle of DigestZen for $31, instead of the retail $41. At the time of writing, the same bottle is available on Amazon Prime for $34, but will not ship to Hawaii.

I decided to think of becoming a Wellness Advocate as something similar to my annual Amazon Prime or Costco membership. Sure, I could buy a box of candy bars at Costco and resell it, but I don’t have to. The same goes for having a wholesale DoTerra account – you don’t have to sell anything to anyone else if you don’t want to. If you enjoy using DoTerra products, or just want a discount on some really nifty gifts, it could be worth it for you do become a Wellness Advocate, too! Or, of course, you could sign up for Amazon Prime if you live on the Continental US and can take advantage of their (usually less significant) discounts on DoTerra products. Or you can do none of the above, hate essential oils, and think I’m crazy. Whatever makes your day better. =)

In short, I’m glad I signed up to be a Wellness Advocate because it saves me money on products I love (doesn’t lavender smell amazing?!), and I don’t mind if I never make a penny from it.

Do you enjoy using essential oils, either on yourself or around the house? What’s your favorite?


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