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Free Printable First Day School Signs

These cute free printable first day of school signs are available from pre-k all the way up to 12th grade! 

Oh, the first day of school photo! As an elementary school student, I complained about having to take a first day of school photo. Now that I’m a parent I totally get it! 

These cute free printable first day of school signs will help you see your littles off in style! Also totally awesome: there are matching last day of school signs so you can see just how much your children grew over the school year.


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Tips for using back to school signs

For best results, print your signs on presentation paper. It’s a sturdy, heavy weight paper with a special coating for crisp, vibrant prints!

Bright white cardstock is my second choice. The prints won’t be quite as vibrant, but cardstock is sturdy and a better choice than plain printer paper.

If you have multiple children, or want to use them for a classroom, you may want to laminate the signs. An at home laminator is very affordable, especially once you consider that most copy shops charge $1-2 per page to laminate!

Instead of laminating, you can also frame the signs. Framed first day of school signs look great in photos! Make sure to remove the glass before taking a photo to prevent glare.

If your child is nervous about going back to school, taking photos with a fun sign can help them loosen up. Back to school is intimidating for students of all ages – young kids are worried because it’s a new experience, but middle and high schoolers are often more nervous than they let on.

Younger children can also benefit from reading books about the first day of school before actually starting. Introduce a book a few days, or even weeks, before the start of school to help them explore their emotions and know that it’s normal to be nervous.

Some quick housekeeping before we get to the signs: These back to school signs are free for personal use. Feel free to use them with your classroom or homeschool co-op, too! Just please do not redistribute the files. Simply refer people back to this post so they can download their own copy! Thanks so much.

Free printable mermaid first day of school signs

Although I realize not every parent or student will want to take first day of school photos all the way through 12th grade, I made these first day of school signs from pre-Kindergarten up to 12th grade. I know people taking first day of school photos for their high schoolers and I didn’t want to leave them hanging!


Actually, I made a first day of daycare mermaid sign, too. My girl still hasn’t spent a day away from me – I know whenever it happens I’ll be emotional and I’ll want some photos!

Here’s a preview of the mermaid signs. I didn’t include all of them because I think you get the picture! The year is not included so these signs are evergreen. You can use the same sign again for younger children or use the same set throughout your child’s school career!


Where to download your mermaid first day of school printables

Download first day of Kindergarten sign right here. Yay!


For the full set of all the mermaid signs, log in to the Member’s Resource Library and print them out!

If you’re not a member yet, you can become one using the box below. There are all sorts of great goodies housed in the resource library, including lots of coloring pages, and I typically send just two emails a month. (There are mermaid coloring pages and mermaid bingo cards in the works and you don’t want to miss out on them!)

Crayon first day of school printables

The crayon back to school signs are also evergreen (without a year) and available from the first day of preschool up through 12th grade.

I realize that most high schoolers won’t be keen on the crayon cartoons, but I was really into coloring in high school so you never know! (This was before the adult coloring trend, so I ended up using a lot of kid’s coloring books!)


The first day of Kindergarten sign with crayons is available for download right here.


For the full set, head on over to the Member’s Resource Library!

If you’re not a member yet, or if you forget your password, just use the form below.


I hope you enjoy taking back to school photos with your little one! If you have any requests for themes, please let me know. I’m happy to make more signs if I have the time and know what folks are looking for!

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