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Printable Rainbow Templates

These free printable rainbow templates are perfect for using as stencils, patterns, and crafting projects! 

Regular readers know I’ve enjoyed sharing free printables for years. This post with rainbow templates feels like it’s been the works for years because it got accidentally set on the back burner for several months!

I’m so glad this collection of rainbow stencils ready to post and share. There are three styles of rainbow with and without clouds and all different sizes so I’m sure you’ll find something that’s perfect for your project! These free printable rainbow stencils are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day crafts, Sunday school classrooms, and more.

free printable rainbow templates

Have children? Want easy, educational activities for them that don’t take 3 hours and 7 trips to the store to set up? Grab your free printable woodland animal activity pack today!

Free printable rainbow templates

 As always, these free printables are available for personal use. This means you can print and use them as many times as you’d like for your own family, personal classroom, scout troop, Sunday school, etc. Please do not redistribute the digital or printed files – simply refer your friends and family to this post so they can download their own copies!

You will not see a preview in Google Drive because the files are PDFs that in compressed .zip format. Download the files and uncompress before printing! Phones can uncompress .zip files, too. IPhones can ‘preview’ zipped files and you can get a free app on Android to unzip files.

Your time is valuable – download all 11 pages in one handy file when you purchase the set for just $1! It’s an easy way to support The Artisan Life and save yourself time.

Have time to spare? Just keep scrolling a little more for the individual download links.

Large and extra large rainbow printables

Extra large half rainbow template

Use this as half a rainbow or print two copies and tape them together!

extra large rainbow template

Extra large rainbow printable without clouds (16″)

Print two copies and tape them together!


Large rainbow template with one cloud


Large rainbow with two clouds


Large 10″ rainbow printout

10-inch-rainbow template

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Medium rainbow stencils

Medium rainbow with one cloud

rainbow with one cloud

Two rainbows on one page

two medium rainbows on one page

Two medium rainbow stencils without clouds


Small rainbow printables

Three rainbows with one cloud each

three rainbow patterns

Six small rainbows on one page

six small rainbows with clouds

Small rainbow patterns

six small rainbow templates

Make sure you can find these rainbow patterns again later! Pin them to your favorite board now!

11 free printable rainbow templates

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