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9 Free Printable Baby Onesie Outline Templates

If you’re planning a baby shower on a budget, these free printable baby onesie outlines are for you. Use them to for invitations, party games, a baby onesie banner, gift tags, baby shower decorations, and more!

I feel like all my friends are having their second (and third!) kids and I’m just over here trying to make it through each day with a two year old. How do people have a baby and a toddler at the same time?! I really have no idea.

Since so many people I know are expanding their families, I thought it would be fun to share these printable baby onesie outlines for baby shower decorations, invitations, and baby shower games. I hope you enjoy!

Onesie printable baby shower ideas

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You can use these onesie outlines in so many ways! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Print, or trace, the onesie templates onto scrapbook paper or cardstock. Use cute little clothespins to clip them on a line to make a onesie banner.
  • Print the fold-over outline and use it as an affordable onesie baby shower invitation.
  • Use the baby onesie lined notecards to have guests write down their best advice.

Free printable baby onesie templates

First some important housekeeping. These onesie templates are for personal use only.

This means you are welcome to use them at your party or a party you’re helping organize. Please do not redistribute the digital files or printouts to others – just send them to this page so they can download their own copies!

Please don’t print the images (but feel free to Pin them!). They’re low resolution and will look terrible if printed. Use the download links to access the high resolution PDF printable files.

You’re a busy person. Don’t waste your time clicking a zillion different links – download all 9 onesie templates with one simple click for just $1!

If you’d like to spend more time clicking around and putting extra miles on your mouse, just keep scrolling for the individual free download links.

Large onesie outline

This large onesie is perfect for making decorations or playing baby shower games! It’s 7.75″ tall when printed at full size.

>> Download the large onesie outline here <<

Medium onesie outlines to print

Next we have two medium onesies on one page. These outlines are about 5″ high and great for smaller decorations, invitations, banners, and games.

>> Download the 5″ onesie printables here <<

Onesie baby shower invitation

This onesie is perfect for a baby shower invitation! Print on pastel paper, cut, and fold along the dotted line for budget-friendly DIY baby shower invitations. You could also use it as a thank you note.

>> Download the onesie baby shower invitation here <<

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Onesie template for banner

These 3.5″ high onesie outlines would make a cute banner! Print or trace them onto colored paper, cardstock, or scrapbook paper, then use tiny clothespins to clip them on a ribbon. You can use stick on letters to personalize a message on your banner!

>> Download the 3.5″ onesie outlines here <<

Small printable onesie outlines

These cute little onesie outlines are just under 2.5″ tall. They’re great for notes, decorations, smaller banners, and games!

Place a stack out next to a basket and have guests write down their best piece of baby care advice, a note of encouragement, or even to guess the baby’s gender.

>> Download the small baby onesie outlines here <<

Printable onesie notecards

This version of the onesie template has lines so you can use it as a notecard, thank you card, or for advice for the new parents.

>> Download the baby onesie notecards here <<

Tired of clicking yet? It’s not too late to buy all the templates in one handy file for just $1!

Baby onesie template for boys

If you don’t want to rush out and buy a bunch of blue paper, I have you covered! Here are blue onesie printables for you.

>> Download baby onesie for boys printable here <<

Baby onesie template printable for girls

Here are the small onesie printables in pink! You could print off the blue and the pink onesies and use them as a game for guests to predict the baby’s gender.

>> Download the baby onesie printable for girls here <<

Gender neutral (green & yellow) onesies to print

Of course, I have to share gender neutral printable onesies, too, for folks who are keeping their baby’s gender a surprise!

>> Download the gender neutral printable onesie templates here <<

Don’t lose track of these printable onesie outlines – Pin them now to your baby shower board!

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