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7+ Free Printable Thank You Coloring Pages

Grab free printable thank you coloring pages for all Christmas or a cute printable thank you for any occasion in this post!

When I was a kid, I always got a pack of thank you cards as a Christmas present. Before winter break was over, I was expected to write a thank you note to everyone who sent me a gift. 

After our baby shower, I wrote physical thank you’s to everyone who gave us a present. So many people were surprised, and genuinely delighted, to receive an actual thank you card. 

free printable thank you coloring pages

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These thank you coloring pages can help you spread joy and appreciation. You can color the page yourself, or give the coloring page uncolored (maybe even with a small package of colored pencils!) as a special way to say thanks.

For best results, print your coloring pages on presentation paper. It’s a type of heavyweight paper with a special coating. The coating helps markers and pencils color more smoothly for a much nicer coloring experience and finished page.

My recommended coloring supplies include Prismacolor pencils because they’re super creamy, Crayola Supertips markers, and Crayola Twistables crayons for my daughter (no paper to peel off and you don’t have to sharpen them!)

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Free coloring pages that say thank you

First, a bit of housekeeping. These thank you coloring page printables are all free for personal and classroom use. Please do not redistribute the printed or digital files to others – just send them the link to this post so they can download their own copies!

Use the download links to download the compressed PDF files from Google Drive. You will not see a preview since the files are compressed – just download and uncompress them! The images are low resolution previews that will look terrible if you print them (but feel free to Pin them!)

Thank you coloring pages for adults

First we have two floral thank you coloring pages for adults. One is oriented vertically with a floral border. The second page features a large floral design and is in landscape orientation.

Download the vertical floral thank you coloring page here

floral thank you coloring page

Download the landscape thank you coloring sheet with flowers here

thank you coloring sheet with flowers

If you’d prefer to give thank you cards, instead of a whole sheet, this one is for you! Simply print and cut along the dotted line with a paper trimmer to create four printable thank you card coloring pages.

Download the floral thank you cards here

floral printable thank you cards to color

All the printable thank you coloring sheets below this point are over in the Member’s Resource Library. All the pages, including the floral ones above, are in one handy file for you to download. Just head on over and log in to download them, or easily become a member by using the form below the previews! 

Christmas thank you coloring printables

Next we have two thank you coloring pages for Christmas!

First there’s a wreath to color with presents and branches and a banner saying “thank you.”

christmas thank you coloring page

Then there’s a cute set of polar bears with snowflakes.

polar bear christmas thank you printable

Cute thank you coloring page printables

These cute thank you coloring pages are my favorite!

First we have a cute unicorn with a present:

unicorn thank you coloring page

Then we have a sloth with the message “thanks a sloth.”

sloth thank you coloring page

Finally there are unicorn thank you card printables to print and color. Use a paper trimmer to cut along the dotted lines to create four unique unicorn thank yous!

printable unicorn thank you cards

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    free printable thank you coloring sheets

    Free Printable Coloring Pages

    Discover free printable coloring pages on The Artisan Life!

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