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Homemade Honey Almond Lip Sugar Scrub

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Friday afternoon we had a beautiful opportunity to practice our lifestyle portrait photography. A friend of my husband’s owns a sailboat (he’s also a certified captain and licensed to do charters, so let me know if you’re looking for a charter sail on Oahu or Kauai and I can put you in touch!) and other friends of ours have the world’s most adorable, well behaved children.

The combination of sunny afternoon sail + lovely family was absolutely perfect for practicing photography! However, being out in the sun and wind made me realize just how badly my lips needed a loving exfoliation, so I decided to create a homemade honey almond lip sugar scrub and share it with y’all!

Homemade Honey Almond Lip Sugar Scrub Recipe

This lip sugar scrub tastes amazing and doesn’t have any icky petroleum ingredients or funny chemicals. In fact, you could eat it! The gentle exfoliation combined with lasting moisture is absolutely perfect for your lips, but it would be nice for a gentle hand scrub, too. Before I get to the recipe, though, I have to share a couple of our lifestyle family portraits from Friday:

lifestyle family photos on Oahu Oahu lifestyle family photography 3

Okay – I don’t want to post any more photos from the shoot yet because we’re doing an in-person “reveal” in a few days with all their photos! Time to move on to the lip sugar scrub. =)

This recipe is completely scalable. I used these 1.5 ounce jars I had on hand and this recipe fits perfectly into one jar. If you’d like to make a larger quantity or fill multiple small cars (wouldn’t they be super cute as shower or wedding favors?) Just follow the same 2:1:1 ratio for any quantity!

Materials for homemade honey almond lip sugar scrub:


How to make your own honey almond lip sugar scrub:

1. Measure out two lightly packed tablespoons of light brown sugar and place in a small bowl.

2. Measure your oil into the bowl. (You can go ahead and add it to the same bowl as the brown sugar, I just have some separate photos.)

3. Measure your honey using the same tablespoon. The oil coating will make the honey slip right off without sticking!


4. Combine thoroughly with a small spoon or knife, then transfer to your glass jar.

combine ingredients for honey almond lip sugar scrub

5. Use and enjoy! To use, gently rub a small amount (typically a marble-sized quantity is sufficient) only your lips then lightly rinse to remove the sugar but leave a little almond oil.

Honey Almond Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe

This lip sugar scrub works wonders! Even a single use made my lips feel significantly better, and I’m confident it will do the same for you!

Like I said above, I think little jars of this lip sugar scrub would be super cute for Valentine’s, shower favors, or DIY wedding favors, don’t you?

Natasha - The Artisan Life

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  • Julie January 11, 2017, 23:05

    I love making scrubs! Will give this one a go!

    • Natashalh January 12, 2017, 10:04

      Be careful – it is highly edible and delicious. It was hard not to actually just sit there and eat it!

  • Sarah Leonard January 11, 2017, 00:40

    This looks gorgeous! Would make lovely little gifts too!

    • Natashalh January 11, 2017, 07:22

      So…I totally ate some of it and it was delicious! Which is nice, because I’d much rather use something ‘edible’ on my skin than something with a warning about how it’s toxic, don’t swallow or get in your eyes!

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