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Free Printable Mermaid Bingo

I am not ashamed to say that I love mermaids and always have. They say that 95% of the world’s oceans remain unexplored – you can’t prove to me that mermaids don’t exist!

Today I’m super excited to share my love of mermaids with free printable mermaid bingo cards. 

In fact, I’m so exited that I made two different versions of the game! One version is a traditional 5×5 grid with 25 different mermaid and undersea images, and the other version is a smaller 3×3 bingo board for younger children.

have fun this summer with free printable mermaid bingo!

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Ideas for using this mermaid bingo game:

You can use these bingo cards in a ‘traditional’ way by cutting out the pictures on the call list sheet, placing them in a bag, and drawing them randomly.

Alternatively, you can save some cutting and the risk of lost pieces by giving the call sheet to an adult and having them ‘randomly’ call out images. I think this is a good choice if you’re at a pool party because it means fewer pieces to keep track of!

  • Make a tic mark with a pencil to denote which pictures you’ve already called.
  • If you laminate the cards (or use dry erase pockets), you can use markers to mark off called images.

I highly recommend printing on something other than plain printer paper if you want to hang on to your game boards and use them all summer long.

For the most beautiful images, use presentation paper. Presentation paper is a heavy weight paper with a special coating for crisp, bright images. 

For durable boards, but slightly less vibrant images, use cardstock.

The difference doesn’t show up as clearly in a photo as it does in real life, but I printed the bingo card on the left on presentation paper. The one on the right is on cardstock. 

difference between print on presentation paper and cardstock

For repeated play, especially near water, laminate the sheets or place them in a dry erase pocket. Dry erase pockets are like page protectors, but sturdier! If you are going to play near the pool or beach, you might want to get the bingo boards printed at a copy shop. Copiers use toner, not ink, which means the images won’t run if they get splashed.

You can get sheets laminated at copy shops and office supply stores, but if you’re going to laminate more than 10-2o pages ever, it’s more economical (and a time saver) just to get an inexpensive home laminator

You can also have fun at a mermaid themed birthday party by using shells or gems as tokens, instead!

5×5 printable mermaid bingo

These 5×5 mermaid bingo cards are best for older kids because many of the images are fairly similar. They will need to tell the difference between different colors, for example, in order to cover the correct space. Showing the image when you call, instead of just describing it, can help.

Please note that these bingo cards are free for personal use (including in your own classroom, with your Scouts troop, etc.). Please do not redistribute the files – just send your friends a link to this post so they can download their own! This means a lot to me and helps keep me able to make these awesome free resources for you!

Download your set of 4 free printable mermaid bingo cards right here!


If you’d like more unique cards, there’s a set of 10 free printable mermaid bingo cards in the Member’s Resource Library.

The set of 4 cards and the set of 10 are different, which means you can combine them for a set of 14.

Not a member yet (or forget your password)? You can quickly and easily become a member using the form below! I send just two emails a month and you’ll receive access to lots of other goodies, including mermaid coloring pages!

Need even more bingo cards for a mermaid birthday party? You can purchase a set of 30 mermaid bingo cards for just $1.99! They should be different from the other 14 cards, which means you can combine the three for a total of 44 different cards.

  • Just a head’s up: you are likely to get multiple winners in one turn if you actually play with 44 people.
  • Also, I’ve done my best to check to make sure all cards are unique, but I started going a bit crosseyed. If you do come across duplicates, please let me know and I’ll create some more cards for you!

free printable 5x5 mermaid bingo cards

3×3 mermaid bingo

These 3×3 mermaid bingo cards are perfect for the littlest mermaids in your family. The images are very different from one another and games are much shorter for younger attention spans.

Download a set of 4 3×3 mermaid bingo cards right here!


If you’d like a set of 8 cards, they’re in the Member’s Resource Library. 🙂 There are only 8 unique cards since there are so few different images.

If you missed the box above, you can become a member using the box below. There are all sorts fo goodies in the Resource Library and I usually only send two emails a month – it’s a total win for you!

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