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Grounding Yin Yoga Sequence – Yoga for Vata Dosha

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The first time I read about the Ayurvedic vata dosha, I was struck by how accurately vata characteristics described me.

In balance Vatas tend to be energetic, creative, and enthusiastic. Vatas tend to become cold easily and prefer warm, moist environments.

Out of balance, individuals with a dominate Vata dosha are prone to worrying, anxiety, insomnia, and spacey/scattered thoughts.

Vatas are particularly susceptible to becoming out of balance during fall and winter because they’re predominantly vata seasons. This grounding yin yoga sequence is perfect for balancing a Vata dosha or for others who want to become more grounded in a Vata-dominate season!

Grounding yoga sequence for fall

Why yin yoga is grounding

Like many of my recent classes, this is a yin yoga sequence. Yin is the perfect way to get grounded and balance Vata energies!

Vata is associated with air and ether, which are light and mobile. A fast-paced, “yang” yoga class can exacerbate a Vata imbalance because we’re already moving a mile a minute! Yin takes things more slowly. It’s based on finding stillness and holding poses for time while focusing on the breath.

Slowing down and meditating can help calm a Vata’s busy mind! Additionally, most yin poses are seated or supine. These poses are, by nature, grounding. Finding stillness and holding a grounding pose = double dose of grounding!

Props needed for yin yoga

Because poses are held for time, some basic props are popular in yin yoga. In my experience, most people can benefit from a set of yoga blocks while practicing yin. You’ll see me use a block a couple of times in this yin yoga sequence. A towel or blanket could be helpful for this practice, but you can try folding your mat over, instead. You may also want a pillow or bolster. I also recommend dressing warmly for this one!

You can watch this free yoga class in this window, or you can watch this grounding yin yoga sequence on my YouTube channel. If you enjoy, please make sure to stop by my channel home page to join the thousands of folks who already subscribe! Videos are usually several days old before I’m able to post about them here on the blog, so subscribing on YouTube will ensure you don’t have to wait for your next free yin yoga class!

I’ve already had someone on YouTube ask me about yoga practices for the other two doshas, Pitta and Kapha. As a Vata in a Vata season, I don’t intend to create sequences for the other two doshas anytime soon. Depending on how I’m feeling, I may create sequences during the appropriate seasons. In general, Kaphas can benefit from a practice that is airy, warm, and a bit quicker moving. Poses with arms raised, forward folds, back bends, and inversions can all help get a Kapha moving. For a balancing practice, Pittas should avoid practicing in a heated space and focus on compassion, acceptance, and having a bit of fun instead of competing. Standing poses and twists can help release Pitta’s extra heat.

grounding yin yoga sequence for fall

Creating this practice was such a joy and so beneficial for me. I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I did! As always, please let me know what you’d like to see addressed in future yoga classes!

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  • Val November 12, 2018, 08:45

    This is something I need to add to my practice since I fall under this category. My husband and I relocated from New England to SC over the summer mostly for warmer weather but it has become cooler! My balance it off again and I was not aware of Vata dosha until now.

    • Natasha November 12, 2018, 16:27

      It certainly got cool in a hurry in SC this year! I’m hoping it warms up a bit again before we really settle into winter. I’m freezing after several years in Hawaii! We just moved back here this summer, too. My husband is a Miami Cuban so this is the coldest he’s ever been!

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