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The Best Yoga Towels

Discover a yoga teachers top picks for the best yoga towels! Yoga towels for hot yoga, sweaty hands, and even yin yoga!

Viewers on my YouTube channel frequently ask what yoga mat I use and about what props I recommend. That’s why today I’m sharing my top picks for the best yoga towels! 

The best yoga towels - non-slip towels to keep you safe and protect your mat!

This post may include affiliate links, which means I may make a commission on purchases made through these links at no additional cost to you. 

In this guide, I’ll cover the best towels for hot yoga, the best towels for sweaty hands during yoga class, and also towels that make great yin yoga props. We’ll also discuss why you might benefit from using a towel in your yoga practice. You can scroll through all the recommendations, or use the table of contents to hop to the section you’re most interested in!

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Why do I need a yoga towel?

In short, yoga towels can increase your enjoyment of your practice, help keep you safe, and protect your yoga mat.

Yoga towels are different from bath towels because they’re typically thinner and have non-stick dots, coatings, or pockets to help hold them in place.

Using a yoga towel can keep you from slipping, sliding, and potentially hurting yourself during a sweaty hot yoga session. They’re very helpful during flows with lots of down dogs, high lunges, and warrior I & II because people tend to slip a lot with these poses! 

Yoga towels also keep excess sweat and wear & tear from damaging your yoga mat, which means your mat will last longer. If you’ve invested in a thick, nice mat you’ll want to keep it nice as long as possible!

If you’re using a studio mat, a yoga towel can help protect you from other people’s sweat, dirt, and germs.

Yoga towels also provide extra padding, which is good news for anyone with sensitive joints.

Some people just don’t like using yoga towels. If you prefer not to use a towel but are tired of slipping around, you should consider getting rosin. It comes from pine trees so it’s all-natural and it can help absorb perspiration and improve grip. You can apply it directly to your hands and feet, and you can also put some on your mat. You can get rosin in a shaker bottle, but in my experience it’s worth the couple of extra dollars to get a rosin bag. It’s much neater and you waste less, so it pays for itself!

Aurorae Yoga Non Slip Rosin Bag
  • Stop Slipping on your Mat Now; Increases Gripping Power; Absorbs Perspiration
  • No Odor, Non Sticky. Made in USA
  • All materials derive from Nature; Rosin formula derives from trees, plants and some rocks (calcium carbonate)
The best yoga towels for your Bikram yoga class

The best towels for hot yoga

A towel is an absolute must-have if you practice Bikram or hot yoga. You can’t go wrong with any of these top hot yoga towels! They’re all highly-rated and have the benefit of being easy to care for.

Many no slip yoga towels have little dots or a webbing on the bottom that’s made from either silicone or latex. They can be uncomfortable, especially under your knees, and mean you have to be careful with how you wash and dry your yoga towel. 

Fortunately, these dots and grids aren’t actually necessary! The best hot yoga towels use pockets to help hold them in place and are made from materials that become more and more grippy as they get wet.

The Yoga Mate towel is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t like the feel of silicone dots of webbing under their towel. It comes in several color schemes and is a standard mat size of 68″x24″. The one thing you really need to keep in mind with it is that it becomes more grippy as it gets wet, so it may slip around some at the beginning of class. Spritzing it down with water can help it grip to your mat!

Yoga Mate Soft, Sweat Absorbent, Non-Slip Bikram Yoga Mat Size Towel, Blue...
  • SUPER SOFT & ABSORBENT - The BEST yoga towel for those sweaty sessions of bikram / hot yoga where you need to absorb your sweat to stay in pose and...
  • PERFECT FIT & PREMIUM QUALITY - This high quality, odorless, durable, non-slip microfiber towel is perfectly sized (72" x 26") to place on top of any...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Bring it everywhere! It’s super lightweight, easy to pack, and dries fast - perfect for pilates, exercise classes, the gym,...

The Heathyoga towel is a good option if you need a no slip towel that’s latex free and comes in eye-catching designs. This mat has corner pockets and comes with a free spritz bottle so you can spray it down for even better grip.

Heathyoga Yoga Towel, Exclusive Corner Pockets Design + Free Spray Bottle,...
  • Premium Microfiber: Our printed yoga towel is made with super absorbent, soft and moisture wicking microfiber that soaks up moisture and sweat like a...
  • Exclusive Corner Pockets Design: No more repositioning or distractions. The special designed corner pockets hook onto the corners of your mat , so...
  • Extra Large Towel Size: 72" (183cm) long X 26" (66cm) wide. Covers your entire mat to extend its lifespan by avoiding tearing and providing adequate...

This solid color Heathyoga nonslip towel also comes with pockets. It doesn’t have a spritz bottle, but it does come with a carrying bag. It also comes in two sizes, which is nice.

Heathyoga Non Slip Yoga Towel, Exclusive Corner Pockets Design, Microfiber...
  • Innovative Microfiber Material: More expensive but worth it. Not every yoga towel has the Dual-Grip two-sided feature. Microfiber and Silicone coating...
  • Exclusive Corner Pockets Design: No more repositioning or distractions. The special designed corner pockets hook onto the corners of your mat, so when...
  • Premium Microfiber: The Yoga towel is made with super absorbent, soft and moisture wicking microfiber that soaks up moisture and sweat like a giant...

The Ewedoos yoga towel is my personal top pick for several reasons. It comes in neutral colors and tie-dye options, has corner pockets, plus it’s available in two sizes. It’s also a great deal and typically priced a few dollars less than the other, comparable towels in this post!

Ewedoos Yoga Towel with Anchor Fit Corners, 100% Microfiber Non Slip Yoga...
  • PREMIUM NON SLIP & ABSORBENT MICROFIBER: Our yoga towel is made of 100% premium microfiber. It acts as an ideal moisture absorbent towel to wipe away...
  • SUPER SOFT & ABSORBENT - Perfect Towel for those sweaty sessions of bikram/hot yoga where you need to absorb your sweat to stay in pose and balanced
  • ANCHOR YOUR PRACTICE: Effortlessly securing your yoga towel to the mat, placing all attention back on your yoga practice. No more distracting...
The best yoga towels for hot yoga and sweaty hands

The best yoga towels for sweaty hands

Some people prefer just a hand towel for yoga or want a hand towel in addition to a mat towel. You can use a hand towel to cover just a portion of your mat or to wipe your hands or face as needed. Just like with mat sized towels, yoga hand towels typically need to be damp to grip well. Whatever your reason for wanting a yoga towel for sweaty hands, these are my top picks!

The Manduka hand towel is a great choice because at 16″x24″ it’s one of the larger hand towels available. 

Manduka eQua Quick Drying Absorbent Micro Fiber Non-Slip Yoga Hand Towel,...
  • 26.5" x 16"
  • Ultra lightweight with exceptional durability
  • Designed for light to medium perspiration

The Yoga Mate towel also comes in hand towel size! It’s typically under $10, so it’s a great value.

The Jaci yoga hand towel is also a great choice if you’re looking for a towel that’s easy on the budget but still offers great performance! It’s still fairly large at 24″x15″ and typically costs a couple dollars less than the Manduka for only an inch less towel.

Yoga Hand Towel - Premium Microfiber Materials Edge Stitching - Durable and...
  • EFFECTIVE! If you’ve been looking for a yoga hand towel that does great soaking up the sweat from your face, hand and body during practice then your...
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! If you’ve been looking for a hot yoga towel that does great soaking up the sweat during practice then your search is over!...
  • NEW BREAKTHROUGH! Why Do Amazon Customers Give Our Bikram Yoga Towel 5.0-Star Ratings? It’s simple. Our product is the #1 choice because our Yoga...

The best towels for yin yoga

You might not expect to find recommendations for towels for yin yoga, but they can be a helpful prop!

Although you’re unlikely to get sweaty doing yin yoga, yin isn’t shy about using props. Towels and blankets make fantastic yin yoga props to help with your poses or to cover up and keep warm. The extra padding from a yoga towel is also beneficial during yin yoga’s long holds!

A falsa yoga blanket can be a great choice for yin. You can fold it up and sit on it to elevate your seat, use it for extra knee padding, or even drape it over your shoulders! You can also roll it up and use it like a smaller bolster. (A blanket is perfect for support in reclined hero and reclined butterfly, for example!)

YogaAccessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket ( Gray)
  • Our high quality yoga blanklets are offered in a variety of bright color options
  • Composed of 50% acrylic / 40% polyester / 10% cotton
  • Machine washable and easy to clean

If you don’t like the feel of “Mexican” blankets like the one above, a thick Turkish towel can work well for yin yoga, too! I’ve purchased a super cheap-o Turkish towel before that was kind of a let down, but my nicer ones are super soft and provide just the right amount of padding/lift in many yin poses. One or more of my Turkish towels are frequent guests in my yin yoga classes! You can also use a towel instead of a strap (something else you can see demonstrated in some of my classes).

100% Cotton Uxmal Dual-Layer Handloom Turkish Towel - 37X70 Inches, Forest...
  • OEKO-TEX Certified: A worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all...
  • ABSORBENT & GENTLE ON SKIN: Our linen flat woven towels dry you off quickly. They are ultra soft and great for infants, baby care, toddlers and adults...
  • LIGHWEIGHT & LESS SPACE: Rolls up neatly to pack & go. Perfect for beach, pool, spa, sauna, gym, yoga, travel, camping and picnic. Less storage space,...

The Manduka cotton blanket is another soft choice if the falsa-style blanket doesn’t appeal to you!

Manduka Cotton Blanket, New Moon
  • With slightly larger dimensions, this 65” x 83” peruvian recycled cotton yoga blanket provides both versatility and coverage.
  • Overlocked edge stitching to prevent fraying and resists pilling after washing.
  • Made from 52.5% Recycled Cotton, 35% Recycled Acrylic, 12.5% Polyester.

I hope you enjoy these suggestions for the best yoga towels! 

I’d also love to hear about your favorite towels and blankets for yoga if they aren’t mentioned so I can check them out!

And, of course, I invite you to stop by my YouTube channel for free yoga classes! I share “yoga for the rest of us.” I create accessible practices and frequently give multiple modifications for a pose so my classes are beginner friendly.

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Discover yoga towel recommendations from a yoga teacher! The best yoga towels for your hot yoga class Discover the best yoga towels! These affordable yoga towels will help you practice without hurting your budget
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