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West Virginia Day 3 – In Which we Enjoyed Coffee

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Hmm – I guess that makes it sound like we didn’t have coffee during the rest of our trip, which wasn’t the case! However, by our third day in West Virginia we had once again secured a coffee pot and were able to enjoy coffee as a way to warm up while working.


Our new percolator doesn’t work as well as the one that was stolen, but we bought what we could find! Luckily for us, our propane tank and camp stove were not stolen, so we were able to fix up warm food and beverages for lunch. Although chilly, it was a lovely, sunny day and I was able to get pretty warm by doing plenty of yard work. While raking leaves, it occurred to me that things change, but they remain the same. I can distinctly remember visiting my grandparents (at a different house – they rarely stayed in WV this late in the year) for Thanksgiving weekend and then being sent out to haul off leaves. There I was, almost 20 years later, visiting my grandmother for Thanksgiving then hauling off leaves!


While I busied myself with yard work, my husband attempted repairs on the back porch roof. Again. The back porch roof always needs more patching up. Actually, more accurately, the back porch needs removing! It was an add-on to the house and the workmanship isn’t the same quality, at all. In fact, this summer I was surprised/appalled to discover that one wall is made from MDF/particle board, not ‘real’ wood! Every time I talk to my grandmother about the back porch, she reminds me that it needs to come off. We just haven’t had the opportunity to remove it in a controlled manner yet, and we don’t have a way to haul off the washer/dryer on the porch (assuming they don’t work) or a place to put the tub. {{Yes, the tub is on the back porch.}}


Because it was such a lovely, sunny day (and in the 40s instead of the previous day’s 30s!), we also took a few minutes for ourself to take some photos:

fall-ball angel

I love that smile so much!

With sunset so early this time of year, that was pretty much a wrap for our day! It was ‘home’ to the neighbor’s house and her warm gas fireplace for us. =)

Natasha - The Artisan Life
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  • Cynthia December 21, 2016, 06:35

    hauling leaves is a state of being this time of year in the NE. We didn’t quite make it through all the leaves this year, which will end up being a bit of a mess mixed in with snow. Sigh. That is why we do it. You sound like us with our Adirondack camp. The things we need to do to keep it in working order, but knowing that what is really needed is take something down and rebuild. We just don’t have enough time to do long-term projects at this point.

    Glad you are able to enjoy the time together … and you are right, he has a beautiful smile

    • Natashalh December 21, 2016, 07:11

      He kept asking why I was hauling off leaves and sticks because more will just fall down. He’s from Miami and doesn’t understand! But how can I say no to that smile?
      It is annoying to know a place really needs big projects and not be able to do them, but it’s nice to know at least you did what you could and what’s needed to keep everything going until next year.

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