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Flow Into Flight – Tips for Beginner Bakasana

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Happy Tuesday!

I was so thrilled I managed to get a yoga video filmed in spite of a busy weekend and Monday dentist appointment. Unfortunately, when editing the video I discovered my head is cut off during standing portions of the sequence. Womp-womp. Because of time constraints, I had to choose between publishing a sort of wonky video and not sharing a yoga video this week, so I went with the wonky video.

I don’t like to leave filming my videos until Monday in case something like this happens, but weekend events gave me little choice. We spent a good chunk of Saturday helping a friend remove popcorn ceiling from her home, and on Sunday my husband received an unpleasant Portuguese Man O War sting. Eek!

Anyway, this week’s video is “Flow Into Flight – Tips for Beginner Bakasana.” After a fairly brief sequence to warm up the shoulders, core, and hips, there are some drills and tips to help you achieve this pose, even if you have some mental blocks holding you back. In my experience, the two main fears people face with bakasana are “How will I ever get my butt up in the air?” and “What if I fall on my face?” I show you tricks using blocks to help alleviate both fears. =)

As always, thanks so much for watching!


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  • Duni September 13, 2016, 20:32

    Unfortunately my wrists are too weak to be able to do this pose, but the warm ups are great 🙂

    • Natashalh September 14, 2016, 06:37

      It can be hard on the wrists! A few weeks ago I couldn’t even do downward dog or plank for a couple of days because my wrist was feeling funny and it just wasn’t worth it to me. Angel has some wrist problems and his discomfort makes me extra careful with my wrists!

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