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Yoga for a Tight IT Band – Free All-Levels Yoga Class for the IT Band

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I am super excited about today’s yoga for a tight IT band class because it’s by viewer request! I absolutely love when subscribers chime in with classes they’d like to see. Make sure to leave your requests for future yoga classes in the comments here on my blog or over on my YouTube channel! I especially love this free all-levels yoga class for the IT band because it is so great for basically anyone. It’s helpful for relieving a tight IT band and for preventing IT band-related issues.

Yoga for a tight IT band. All levels free yoga class for a tight IT band. Help IT band problems or prevent them from occurring with this free yoga class!

So what, exactly, is the IT band and how are we going to help release tension in the IT band? Without getting super technical, the IT band is a think band of connective tissue that runs from the pelvis down the outside of the thigh to the shin bone. It helps stabilize the hips and knees and connects to several muscles, including hip flexors and the glutes. Tightness, weakness, or imbalances along this kinetic chain can manifest as an IT band problem, most notably pain and/or swelling on the outside of your knee. Your IT band-related knee pain could be caused by a tight psoas, hamstrings, or even calves!

Because the IT band isn’t a muscle, you don’t really “release” or stretch it directly – you work on the surrounding muscle tissue. This practice helps stretch, balance, and strengthen the psoas, hamstrings, hips, and calves to relieve tension in the IT band. Luckily, the IT band typically responds pretty well to work these surrounding muscles! This practice is great if you’re dealing with IT band issues or if you want to stave them off.

I really hope you enjoy this yoga for a tight IT band as much as I do! This class was so much fun to sequence and film. It’s a great one to return to multiple times to clear up IT band issues or prevent them from developing.

 Please let me know if you have any requests for future yoga sessions and make sure to follow on YouTube so you don’t miss out on weekly free yoga classes!



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