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Goals for 2016

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It’s half way through January 2016, so I decided I’d better get my 2016 goals firmed up! I’m not numbering them because I don’t have a hierarchy for this year’s goals – I have fewer goals than last year and each one is important to me.


Get organized! (And stay that way.) As I’ve mentioned, we’re tackling the apartment using the KonMari method. After that, we need to deal with the disgusting storage closet in the garage (there is a storage locker area in the parking garage under the apartments and it’s so perpetually damp that most items placed we placed where when we moved in have been damaged or outright destroyed. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that when we moved in and put the items there). With a home wood shop and all my fabric/crafting supplies, it’s been a challenge. But, like with most challenges, it’s also been an incredibly rewarding process.

Actually create new wood items for the shop. This one is a carry-over from last year. While plenty of new items were added, we didn’t do nearly as much with wood as we wanted. Papi Chulo really wants to make cutting boards and more Navy/submarine items, just for example. After my mom’s upcoming trip we’ll be joining the Oahu Makerspace so we can have access to a table saw and a CNC machine we can use to make said items. In addition to having access to larger wood tools than fit in our apartment, we’re also pretty excited to be around people who think it sounds totally normal and reasonable that we have a mini wood shop in our spare room! But I’m getting a bit off topic.

Blog and Etsy shop growth. I want to at least meet, and preferably exceed, 2015’s growth rate in 2016. It’ll be a challenge, but I’m optimistic. My shop and blog went mostly ignored for at least a quarter of last year, so (hopefully) having less away time this year should help at least a bit.

Level, repaint, replumb, and rewire the old family farmhouse in West Virginia. With help from family and friends. I’m also weirdly optimistic about this one, but I’ll be happy as long as we get 3 out of 4 tasks accomplished.

There are many other things I want to do, but these are the most important things on my to-do list. Some of my wants, like writing an ‘actual’ e-book, are supporting cast members to bigger goals. Other wants are things that may or may not happen this year (I want to have a double body weight back squat, for example. I have 35 pounds to go and I’m sure I’ll do it one day, but the last 35 pounds took quite a while to add).

And there you have it – my assortment of widely varied goals for 2016. Is anyone else still drawing up their new year’s goals or am I the last one to get things figured out?


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  • LeAnn January 18, 2016, 17:41

    You are on a roll! I’m confident you’ll accomplish your goals.

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