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Yoga for the Chest and Shoulders – Yoga for Chest Day

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Yesterday I was working on my self love e-course (I’m almost ready to share more details so stay tuned!!) and talking about the importance of staying grateful and looking for solutions instead of problems, particularly when you feel like you’re having ‘one of those days.’ Apparently the universe was listening and decided to test me because I had a lot of solutions to find today! (Including rewriting this blog post because, in spite of usually auto saving and typically having a back-up in browser, somehow when I originally tried to publish this post, it evaporated instead).

Anyway, today I’m sharing a yoga practice for the chest and shoulders. Just a few days after we returned home from our extended trip, my shoulders had a really rough day at the gym. We did max effort floor presses (they’re similar to bench presses) and then a lot of push ups. The next day my chest and shoulders were a sore, stiff mess! I worked through various yoga poses to see what offered them relief, and that’s how this practice was created. You don’t need to be an athlete to appreciate this practice – most people in the Western world end up with cramped chest and shoulders at some point due to sitting down using a computer or other electronic devices. There is also a bit of calming breath work, so that’s a great way to destress, too.

Before linking the video, I would like to apologize for the video quality. It’s a long story, but several of today’s solutions to find centered around filming this and my small video camera is currently on the fritz due to corrosion at the battery contact points. I’m working on getting these tech issues resolved and hopefully next week’s video will be better. =)


Please leave a comment and let me know what sorts of practices you’d like to see more of. Guided meditations? Relaxing/restorative practices? Something faster paced? Please let me know!


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  • Julie July 14, 2016, 22:47

    This is exactly what I need today! My chest is so sore from my last work out… It’s a first, actually! Definitely doing this when I get home tonight!! 🙂

    • Natashalh July 15, 2016, 07:12

      I’m so glad it’s timely for you! Hope you’ve been having fun at the gym. =) I’m excited because we just started a new “strength/skill” cycle of programing and it’s things I really like.

  • Duni July 12, 2016, 22:20

    How weird that your blog post disappeared. Lately I’ve had difficulty uploading photos on Blogger :-/
    It must be great doing Yoga outdoors! I’m always looking for ways to relieve my neck / shoulder aches after a sewing session. This is great!

    • Natashalh July 13, 2016, 07:37

      I think it may have been because of the internet. Sometimes our connection isn’t that great – it seems heavily dependent on how much the neighbors are using their internet. I am also always looking to release my neck and shoulders! Between weightlifting, using the computer, and sewing, it’s really easy to get myself tied in knots. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more of my favorite poses to help relieve tension in those problem areas again in the future!

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