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A Yoga Sequence for Core and Balance

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Do you ever feel like the universe is testing you? Or trying to teach you a lesson? That’s kind of how I feel about this yoga sequence for core and balance. I decided to share this sequence I’ve been working on this week for balance because it’s been difficult for me. I’m still dealing with congestion from the tail end of last week’s cold, so my balance has been off. Honoring your body and where you are today is such an important part of cultivating a yoga practice, so I thought it would be fun to show a sequence I wouldn’t “normally” have trouble with, but currently find tricky. Falling out of a pose is no big deal – just laugh, shake it off, and move back into the pose without judging your body.

Yoga practice for core strength and balanceThat part went fine, but I continue to experience frustrating technical difficulties filming. The first time, the video cut out part way though and I didn’t realize until I reached the end. The second time, the audio cut out for a section of the video and I have absolutely no idea why. Additionally, I don’t have a camcorder. Inside, the video quality using my phone is horrible, but my DSLR has its own limitations. For various reasons, cameras can typically only record 10-20 continuous minutes of video at a time, which is why the video has a few small skips. I lose 1.8 seconds (yes, exactly) as the data spools to the memory card and then resumes recording. Then I had trouble importing files and weird, random issues with the video being resized once I added the stills at either end. At one point, I started to get pretty aggravated, but then I caught myself.

standing pigeon pose

I realized wow, this is the whole point of the practice! Cultivating a calm and equanimous mind and then bringing it forward into the day. What’s the point of seeking calm and balance on the yoga mat and then not living it off the mat? Maybe that sounds a little silly, but really.

Are you still with me?

Good. =)

I hope you can find half an hour to do this yoga sequence. It does challenge the balance and work the core, because the core is so critical to balancing, but it is definitely beginner-friendly. It isn’t designed to make your abs hurt for days or put you in the position to fall over backwards!

I hope you enjoy this sequence as much as I do and that it helps you cultivate a calm, focused mind the you can bring with you into your day, week, and life. =)

Do you have any practices to help you become centered and regain your calm when you’re feeling out of balance?



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  • Duni July 26, 2016, 22:18

    Whenever I do the pose in the first photo I first clear my energy, especially at my crown with Reiki. Funnily, I can balance much better after that!

    • Natashalh July 27, 2016, 07:19

      Vrikshasana/vrksasana is a pretty great one, isn’t it? It’s incredible how much lighter I feel once I find my balance, steady gazing point, and really lift up, instead of letting my weight drop down into my hip.

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