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Free Printable Bathroom Passes

These free printable bathroom passes and hall passes are available in a variety of formats and sizes to help you manage your student’s bathroom trips!

Classroom management is no joke! There are many different ways of managing bathroom breaks, but no matter which way works best for your classroom, hall passes and bathroom passes are a must so that hall monitors can tell your student isn’t just skipping class.

In this post, I’m sharing a variety of free printable bathroom passes with and without space for the student’s name, bathroom passes with a number of trips allowed, and hall passes. There are also three different sets of graphics so you can pick whichever works best for your classroom!

Free printable bathroom passes

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How to use these printable bathroom passes

As you probably already know, bathroom passes are most durable they’re printed on cardstock and laminated.

If you want a more vibrant image, use presentation paper. It’s a heavy weight paper that’s coated so you get more vibrant prints.

The difference is more noticeable in real life, but in the picture below the bingo card on the left was printed on presentation paper while the bingo card on the right was printed on cardstock.

difference between print on presentation paper and cardstock

It takes a little more effort the first time around, but it can save you from using up your copy allowance or personal supplies printing new passes all year long. Sturdy, laminated passes can last for years! You can also wipe down laminated passes with Lysol wipes to help prevent germs from spreading.

You can punch a hole and attach the pass to a large keychain, like these 4″ boys’ and girls’ bathroom keychains, or clip it on a safety lanyard.

If you do laminate your passes, make sure to either write your name on the pass before laminating or use your wet erase markers after laminating. 

As a teacher, you’ll probably end up buying some of your own supplies for your classroom. Learn from my mistake and sign up for Ebates! I left so much money on the table by not signing up years ago. It’s free to sign up and you can get cash back when you shop online with a huge variety of stores, including Amazon, WalMart, and Target. (They’re called Rakuten now, but it’s Ebates.)

Free printable bathroom passes & hall passes

These bathroom and hall passes are free for your personal and classroom use. I just ask that you please not directly link to or redistribute the files. Instead, simply share this post so your friends and colleagues can download their own copies.

It would also mean a lot to me if you could Pin this post to your Pinterest account to help spread the word! As a former classroom teacher, I know how scarce time and resources can be. Pinning these free printables will help other educators save time and money!

Solve your bathroom break problem with free printable bathroom break passes

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Alright, let’s get to the printables! These images are just low resolution previews. Please use the links to download the high resolution PDF files.

Starting with the simplest, there are cute owl bathroom passes with space for a name. This can be your name or the student’s name. >>Download here<<


There’s also a version of the owl passes with numbers 1-5 and space for a name. These work well if you write the student’s name then laminate. You can circle or cross through each trip as it’s used, then wipe the pass clean and reuse it again instead of printing new passes! >>Download here<<


These bathroom passes feature silly school monsters. Again, there’s space for a name. >>Download here<<


Just like with the owls, there’s a numbered bathroom pass with monsters. >>Download Here<<


And I decided to go ahead and make some monster hall passes, too! These have space for your name and the student’s name. >>Download Here<<


These boy’s and girl’s bathroom passes and hall passes are a little larger. >>Download here<<

boys and girls bathroom passes and hall passes

And, finally, I made some plain hall passes and bathroom passes without graphics. These passes have space for your name/room, the student’s name, and the time.  >>Download here<<


I hope you find these bathroom pass printables helpful! If you have any requests (different wording, sizes, etc.), please let me know and I’ll see what I can make for you. 

free printable bathroom and hall passes

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