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15+ Heart Template Printables – Free Heart Stencils and Patterns

Grab these free printable heart templates and stencils in sizes from one inch up to ten inches!

Over the years countless people have found this heart bookmark tutorial and these heart-shaped hand warmers while searching for free heart template printables. Since those post only have a couple small heart patterns and people have asked for a greater variety of heart patterns, today I decided to share a whole lot of heart template printables!

In this post you’ll find free printable templates for extra large hearts, heart writing paper, red heart printables, a fold and cut heart, small heart templates, heart envelopes, and more!

I hope you enjoy and please let me know if there’s a size or shape of heart I’ve missed that you want to see.

free printable heart templates

This post may include affiliate links, which means I may make a commission on purchases made through these links at no additional cost to you. 

Free heart template printables

All of these templates are available free for you to download.

However, please note that these heart stencils are available for your personal and classroom use only. Please do not redistribute the digital files or printed copies to others. Just send your friends, family, and coworkers to this post so they can download their own copies!

The images are low resolution previews – they will look terrible if printed. Please use the download links for the high resolution PDF files. Many of the PDFs are compressed into .zip format so you will not see a preview, but you can unzip the file after downloading it.

You’re a busy person – save valuable time and download all 16 heart templates with one easy click when you buy the package for just $1!

If you want to put more miles on your mouse and download all the files one at a time, just keep scrolling a tiny bit more.

Large printable heart shapes

First, here’s an extra large heart template printable!

This heart shape is a huge 10″ tall and takes 2 sheets of paper. Print the template twice and cut each out. Flip one pattern piece so the printing faces away from you. Hold the pieces up to a window so you can easily align the two parts of the pattern and tape them together. Voila, huge heart template!

10 printable heart template

> Download the extra large heart template here << (opens in a new tab)">>> Download the extra large heart template here <<

The next heart is the largest heart shape that fits on a single page. It’s perfect for larger craft projects, like making “stained glass” decorations for your windows or for creating handmade Valentines.

large heart free printable template

>> Download the large heart template here <<

tall skinny hearts free printable templates

> Download the 8″ tall, skinny heart and 5.5″ skinny hearts here

Do you want a minute of time to yourself without handing your kid your phone again? Grab a free printable activity pack with low-prep activities for kids from ages 2-12!

Medium printable heart outlines

These rounded heart within a heart shapes are so cute! They remind me of thumbprint cookies. Each one measures 4″ across.

heart within a heart template

The medium heart shapes are perfect for crafting projects like making a heart bee or a four leaf clover! Pick from a taller, narrower heart or a classic wide heart shape.

>> Download the heart within a heart shapes here <<

4x4" printable heart templates

>> Download four medium hearts on one page here <<

4x5 wide printable heart templates

>Download four 4.5" wide hearts here << (opens in a new tab)">>>Download four 4.5″ wide hearts here <<

6 printable heart templates

>> Download 6 medium/small 2.5″ wide hearts on one page here <<

Red heart templates

All out of red paper? No problem! Just print these medium red heart templates and cut them out!

>> Download the red heart printables here <<

Small hearts to print out

You can use these small heart templates in a variety of ways. You don’t even have to cut them out! You can use them as coloring pages, for example, or for color recognition practice for your children or students. Have them color each heart a different shade or count and number each one.

20 small hearts to print (2″x1.5″)

small printable hearts

>>Download the extra small heart temples here (1″x1″)<<

1 inch heart printables

Cutting a lot of small hearts by hand is very tedious, so consider getting a heart shaped hole punch if you need a bunch of little heart shapes!

EK tools Punch for Arts and Craft, Large, Heart
  • Punches crisp, precise shapes
  • Perfect for card making, scrapbooking and any paper craft
  • Punch locks for compact stacking and storage

Heart writing paper printable

This heart writing paper printable is perfect for Valentine’s Day writing activities for your little ones! The lines are spaced .4″ apart so there’s plenty of room for little hands who are still working on their letters.

heart writing paper

>> Download the heart writing paper here <<

Fold and cut heart (half heart template)

This fold and cut heart template is also perfect for younger children. Have them fold the paper in half along the dotted line, then use the printed half heart as a guide to cut a full heart. Make sure to use a pair of child sized blunt scissors!

fold and cut heart printable

>> Download the half heart template here <<

Double hearts

This double heart shape printable is so cute and perfect for Valentines!


Printable Valentine with Arrow

This one is a heart & arrow valentine. Cut out the heart and arrow, then cut slits in the heart for the arrow! You can use this as a pattern or just color the print out.

easy printable valentine

> Download the heart & arrow Valentine here << (opens in a new tab)">>> Download the heart & arrow Valentine here <<

Printable heart envelopes

Cut out the heart shape, then fold the left side towards the center along the dashed line and the right side towards the center (also along the dashed line). Fold along the dashed line from the bottom down, then finish the envelope by folding along the bottom line up! Seal it in place with a sticker or some cute washi tape.

Here’s a large heart envelope:

large printable heart envelope

And two smaller heart envelopes:

free printable heart envelopes

DIY heart craft ideas

  • Cut out the hearts and use them as a pattern for felt, fabric, or paper.
    • Use felt hearts to make fairy wands, hand warmers, or ornaments.
    • Use paper hearts to make bookmarks.
    • Use small hearts to decorate straws for a party or baby shower.
  • Cut the central portion out to make a stencil.
    • Use your stencil for projects like toothbrush painting or with color mists to decorate a shirt or for scrapbooking, card making, etc.
    • Stencils are also great for making stained glass projects with oiled paper or tissue paper!
  • Make homemade Valentine’s cards.
  • Print medium or large hearts on cardstock and string them into twine to make a banner.
  • Make super easy garland by printing the hearts to cardstock and using clothespins to clip them to twine!
  • Print small hearts and sew them together into garland.
  • Color the hearts.
  • Use the hearts as fine motor practice with scissors for your kiddos.

Don’t lose track of these heart templates for later! Pin them now!

free printable heart templates for crafts

I really hope you enjoy these heart template printables! Again, please let me know if there are any sizes of heart you’d like to see added!

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Free printable heart stencils for Valentine's Day. Free printable heart templates including an extra large heart template printable!
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  • Val November 29, 2018, 11:59

    Great, easy crafting ideas. Valentine’s Day will be here again before we know it!

    • Natasha November 29, 2018, 20:39

      Yes, December and January always seem like such a blur! I’ve had so many people find those other posts over the past few years looking for hearts and I’m glad to finally have a greater selection to offer!

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