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Free Printable Triangle Templates

These free printable triangle templates are perfect for crafts and math activities!

I love sharing printable shape patterns. Today’s post features a variety of printable triangles that range in size from 1″ up to 10″ triangle template! And, because I was just having too much fun making triangles to quit, I also made a triangle worksheet for preschoolers. I hope you enjoy!

free printable triangle templates

How to use triangle templates

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There are so many ways to use printable triangles! Here are just a few:

Cut out different sizes to make a triangle fish! Use a large triangle for the body. Glue a smaller triangle on top for a fin and attach a medium fin for a tail. Have your little one draw on eyes and a mouth!

Use the triangle printables for math activities. 

Have your child color and trace triangles to practice making the triangle shape.

Help your child cut out the triangle templates as shape learning practice and to develop their scissor skills.

Explore triangles by making a larger triangle from multiple smaller triangles, like in the image below. For this to work, you will need smaller triangles that are 1/2 size of the larger triangle (for example, four 1.5″ triangles and one 3″ triangle).


A quick word to the wise: Cutting out lots of small shapes gets really, really tedious. (and painful! I rubbed my hand raw with scissors before cutting out paper flowers for our wedding.)

If you need lots of smaller triangles, do yourself huge favor and just get a triangle punch. They’re inexpensive and will save your hand.

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Free printable triangle templates

These triangle printables are free for you without logging into the Resource Library, but if you like them I encourage you to become an Artisan Life Member so you can receive access to all the other great printables I create for my readers. There are so many resources in the library and more are added almost every week! 

If you appreciate my work and would like to keep making it possible for me to provide printable shape templates, please consider making a small donation. Thank you!

The images are just low resolution previews – please use the download links to access the full sized PDF files!

These printables are free for personal and classroom use. All I ask is that you don’t share the digital files – please refer people to this post so they can download the triangles for themselves. Thank you!

The listed measurements are based on the width of the triangles.

1 inch triangle template

1 inch triangle template

1.5 inch triangle templates

1.5 inch triangle template

2 inch triangle printables

2 inch triangles

2.5 inch triangles

2.5 inch triangle template

3 inch triangle templates

3 inch triangle patterns

3.5 inch triangles

3.5 inch triangle template

4 inch triangle printable

4 inch triangle template

4.5 inch triangle template

4.5 inch triangle template printable

5 inch tirnalge template

5 inch triangle printable

5.5 inch triangle

5.5 inch triangle pattern

6 inch triangle pattern

6 inch triangle

6.5 inch triangle

6.5 inch triangle printable

7 inch triangle printable

7 inch triangle printable template

7.5″ triangle template

Extra large 10″ triangle template

To use this template, trace half of the triangle then flip the pattern over and trace the other half. You can also print two copies and tape them together along the center line.

10" triangle tempalte

Triangle worksheet for preschoolers

This worksheet is a fun way to promote shape recognition and fine motor skills!

You can have your child trace the solid line triangle and the dotted line version, then draw a triangle between the x marks and, finally, draw a triangle freeform. The smaller triangles are also great for tracing or coloring. 

triangle tracing worksheet

More printable shape and object templates

So far I’ve created template collection for hearts, circles, stars, Easter eggs, and shamrocks. Please let me know what shapes or objects you’d like to see next!

Free printable star templates

free printable star templates from 1" to 12"

Free printable circle templates

17 sizes of free printable circle templates

Easter egg templates & coloring pages

Free printable Easter egg coloring pages

Heart printable templates

Free printable heart stencils for Valentine's Day

Printable shamrocks & four leaf clovers 

Download these free printable four leaf clover and shamrock templates for St. Patrick's Day! #freeprintable #stpatricksday #stpatricksdaycraft #fourleafclover
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