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How to Make a Braided Hawaiian Ribbon Lei

Learn how to make a braided Hawaiian ribbon lei with this step-by-step tutorial!

Even though flower lei are popular, and what people usually think of when the imagine a Hawaiian lei, they do tend to wilt pretty quickly. As a result, ribbon lei are also popular, especially for graduations and holidays. This tutorial shows you how to make your own Hawaiian ribbon lei.

It would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, graduation, as favors for a DIY wedding, or “just because.” The supplies are inexpensive and, once you get the hang of it, braiding the ribbons is pretty quick and easy.

How to make a Hawaiian braided ribbon lei

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One of the neat things about making this basic ribbon lei is that you don’t even need to cut the ribbon ahead of time.

You can work right off the spool, basically eliminating wasted ribbon.

For this tutorial, I used 1/4″ ribbon, which results in a finished lei that’s about 3/4″ wide. You can use smaller or larger ribbon – the choice is yours! 

With 1/4″ ribbon, I usually need about 3 yards of each color. This means you can buy two 10 yard spools for a dollar or two each and make three lei from them! That’s pretty inexpensive. If you use wider ribbon, you will need more yardage.

***If you want to make a fluffy lei check out this post on the one straw eyelash yarn lei!***

How to give a lei

In Hawaii, you don’t need much of an excuse to give or wear a lei. 

I’ve gotten a lei checking into a hotel, showing up at a party, and for no reason at all. People give them to sporting teams, classmates, and friends, and sometimes people wear a lei just because they felt like it that day.

Lei are very popular at graduations. Graduates will frequently have so many lei around their neck they can barely see over the pile!

If you’ve been thinking I’m making a lot of typos – technically lei is the plural of lei. The Hawaiian language has no letter s! People do frequently call them leis, though, so it’s okay, too.

Lei are a symbol of aloha, so they are usually presented with a kiss on the cheek and a hug. The giver usually places the lei around the recipient’s neck. If you’re receiving a lei, it’s poor manners to refuse so make sure to smile and accept it!

Materials needed to make a Hawaiian ribbon lei

Yes, that really is all you need. Pretty cool.

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How to make a Hawaiian ribbon lei

This is the simplest braided lei, but it can still take a minute to learn. Don’t get frustrated if you need to start over a time or two! Before you know it, you’ll be braiding like a pro. Plus, I created a quick little video showing the process in action, so you can check it out if you get stumped. =)

1. Pull at least 6-8 inches of each ribbon free from the spool.

pull out some ribbon

2. Decide which ribbon you’ll start with. This is now ribbon one (red in the example). Make a slip knot in ribbon 1, 6-8 inches away from the end.

ribbon 1 and 2 tie a slip knot

3. Make a little bunny ear-stye loop 6-8″ along ribbon 2 (white in the example).

make a loop with the second ribbon

4. Insert loop 2 through loop 1.

insert loop

5. Pull loop one tight. It should be snug against loop 2, but not cause any puckering.

tighten the slip knot

4.  Using the longer, spool end of ribbon 1, make a loop. It doesn’t matter if you fold it “forward” or “backward,” just pick whichever way is easier for you and stick with it for the entire lei.

make a loop in ribbon 1

5. Insert this new loop through the loop in ribbon 2.

6. Pull ribbon 2 tight.

snug down second loop

7. Fold a new loop in ribbon 2, insert it through the loop in ribbon 1.


8. Pull ribbon 1 snug. You should start to see a checkerboard pattern developing!

checkerbord pattern

9. Repeat…

repeat again

10. And repeat…

11. Until it’s as long as you want! As you go along, try to minimize gaps as much as possible. It makes the finished lei much nicer looking. You can make the lei as long or short as you’d like. Super short ones can make pretty bracelets and slightly longer ones can be headbands, if you don’t feel like making a “necklace” lei. Most lei are about a yard, 36″, long, but some are longer.

make the lei as long as you'd like

12. When you’re happy with the length, cut your ribbons. Once again, leave at least 6-8″ free, or more if you’d like an elaborate bow. Once the ribbons are cut, pull the tail end of the last loop all the way through to finish off the braid.

pull ribbon through last loop

13. Tie the lei’s two ends together.

tie lei ends together

14. And finish it off with a bow, if you’re so inclined. To make it super nice, trim the ends and then heat seal (singe them lightly) with a lighter to prevent fraying.

tie a bow

15. Wear or gift your handmade lei with pride!

red and white valentine's lei

Honestly, I’m sort of irritated I didn’t think of making these in our wedding colors as favors! Wouldn’t they make fantastic DIY wedding favors? I also wish I’d known how to make them before Papi Chulo returned home from his last deployment. I gave him a braided ribbon lei (that’s still on display at home), but I purchased it. At his next homecoming, he’ll have a custom one in colors I pick out (instead of the pictured, very interesting combination of yellow, purple, green, and orange).


Yep, now that I know how to make ribbon lei, his next homecoming lei will be a bit more coordinated than that! You may be able to tell the lei shown above is a bit more elaborate than the one I just demonstrated. Don’t worry – if you’re hoping for mind-bogglingly complex ribbon lei, they are forthcoming.

Make your own Hawaiian Ribbon lei

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Have you ever received or given a lei? What was the occasion?

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