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17+ Free Printable Four Leaf Clover & Shamrock Templates

This post has all the four leaf shamrock template printables & free printable shamrock cutouts you’ll need for your St. Patrick’s Day crafts!

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of people find my shamrock teabag tutorial and my printable lucky banner while searching for four leaf clover and shamrock templates. That’s why today I’m sharing a huge collection of 17+ free printable four leaf clover and shamrock templates!

This collection of printable clovers is very easy to use. All files are hosted on Google Drive and absolutely free to download – no sign up required. Please feel free to use them however you’d like. I just ask that you link to this post instead of the individual resources if you want to share!

Grab these free printable shamrock cutouts & four leaf shamrock template printables for your St. Patrick's Day crafts! 17+ free printable shamrock templates from small to huge! Sizes range from 1" up to 10"!

This post may include affiliate links, which means I may make a commission on purchases made through these links at no additional cost to you. 

Ideas for how to use your clover & shamrock templates

  • Make your own cute St. Patrick’s Day teabags!
  • Print them on colored paper or cardstock and make cards like in my friend Rose’s post on homemade St. Pat’s cards.
  • Make a four leaf clover banner for good luck.
  • Use them as stencils for painting.
    • Print on cardstock to make your stencil more durable.
    • You can decorate posters, shirts, tote bags, and so much more!
    • Cut out the inside and then pounce paint inside or make your own spray inks and decorate a shirt!
    • Cut around the outside, place the clover down, then paint around the outside for a different effect.

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Free printable four leaf clover & shamrock templates

This list of clover patterns has a lot of different styles and sizes! There are options with and without stems and sizes from just 1″ up to 10″ so make sure to keep scrolling!

17+ free printable four leaf clover templates

Here are 3″ four leaf clovers without stems. They have a more traditional, thicker appearance.

3 four leaf clover templates without stems

This is the same four leaf clover, only larger. It’s 7.75″ across.

large printable four leaf clover pattern

This is the biggest clover of them all! It is 10″ tall and wide when completed. Only half of it fits on the page – either print two copies and tape them together (one side will be facing towards you and the other side needs to be flipped so the printing is down) or simple trace one side of the clover then flip the template on the paper.

giant 10 four leaf clover pattern

Use the same technique to make a 10″ four leaf clover with the pointier, more heart-shaped design.

If you need tiny clovers, you’ve come to the right place! These little guys are confetti sized – only 1″ across.

1 four leaf clovers

The tiny four leaf clovers are cute, but they can get difficult to cut out. If you need a lot of them, grabbing a 1″ shamrock punch will be easier.

DARICE 21435-014 Paper Punch Shamrock 1In, Multicolor
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Here’s a large four leaf clover with a stem (it’s also 7 3/4″)

large four leaf clover with stem

Here’s a 3″ smaller four leaf clover with a stem.

3 four leaf clover with stem

These 3″ shamrocks are more narrow and heart-shaped.

3 heart shaped shamrock free printable

Here’s the heart-shaped shamrock smaller at 1.5″ each.

1.5 heart-shaped shamrock template

Here’s a 7.75″ large heart-shaped four leaf clover!

7.75 large shamrock template

Here’s the 5″ medium version.

5 heart-shaped shamrock pattern

This stylized four leaf clover was so much fun to create! They’re also 3″ across.

stylized four leaf clover template medium

Here’s the stylized version even larger than the others – it’s 7.8″!

stylized large four leaf clover teamplate

Going the opposite direction, here’s the stylized for leaf clover at 1.5″

1.5 four leaf clover template

If you prefer a three leaf shamrock, here it is! This large shamrock outline is about 7.75″. (If you’re wondering why you keep seeing that same measurement, it’s because that’s about as big as you can print something on a regular letter sheet with a printer that doesn’t print borderless)

large shamrock outline

Here’s the same three leaf shamrock in medium (5″) size:

5 shamrock patterns

And here’s your 3″ shamrock template!

3 shamrock template
You can grab the entire collection of clover/shamrock patterns right here!

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Download these free printable four leaf clover and shamrock templates for St. Patrick's Day! #freeprintable #stpatricksday #stpatricksdaycraft #fourleafclover

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I hope you enjoy this collection of clover and shamrock stencils. Please let me know if there are any additional sizes you’d like to see and I’ll try to help!


free printable four leaf clover templates for St Patrick's Day crafts

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  • Rose January 28, 2019, 14:44

    What a fantastic roundup of printables! Thanks for the link to my cards tutorial. I also love using shamrocks for DIY canvas wall art and as party decor.

    • Natasha January 28, 2019, 15:13

      Thank you! I love playing with Illustrator and had so much fun making these! People keep finding my other posts while looking for shamrocks, but they have very limited options. Hopefully people find what they’re looking for with this collection.

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