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Free Printable New Year’s Bingo

This free printable New Year’s bingo is the perfect party game for New Year’s Eve!

These free printable bingo boards for New Year’s are a great way to pass the time while waiting for “midnight” with your kids. Because they require visual discrimination and knowledge of colors, they’re also a great way to practice important skills.

two free printable picture bingo cards for New Year's eve

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I am a huge fan of laminating bingo boards. Kids frequently want to do the same activity multiple times. Laminating the boards, or placing them in dry erase pockets, help protect them from sticky hands and spills. You can also tuck the boards away with your holiday decorations to use again next year! Why use up more ink printing the same boards again next December?

To make your game of bingo more fun and festive, use candies, nuts, or other goodies like small erasers as bingo markers.

Printable bingo for New Year’s Eve

Like the other printable bingo games on The Artisan Life, there are three different sets of bingo for New Year’s Eve.

You can pick from a (very) affordable set of 20 boards, get 10 boards by email, or grab a set of 4 free printable New Year’s bingo boards right here in the post – no email required!

All sets are unique so you can combine them for a total of 34 bingo boards. This does not guarantee you’ll only get one bingo on the same turn, but all cards are unique.

Each set comes with a page of call cards. Simply cut these cards, place them in a bowl, and draw randomly!

Please note that the cards to show a popping bottle of champagne, a champagne flute, and a martini glass. If you don’t want to discuss alcohol with your children, you can simply call these images a bottle/glasses of sparkling juice.

Set of 20 New Year’s bingo boards

First we have a set of 20 bingo boards. These are available for the crazy low price of $1.99 in my Selz store! Combine them with the sets of 10 and 4 to play bingo with a crowd.

Set of 10 printable bingo boards for New Year’s Eve

Next there’s a set of 10 bingo boards. Just fill out the form below the preview image to get them straight to your inbox!

You’ll also receive an invitation to join The Artisan Life newsletter to receive more free printables in the future so you’ll always have free, low-prep activities for your kids without spending all your time scouring Pinterest.

four free printable New Year's bingo cards

Set of 4 free printable New Year’s bingo cards

Finally there’s a set of 4 free printable New Year’s Eve bingo cards available right here in the post, absolutely no email address required. Simply use the download link below the preview image!

two free printable New Year's Eve bingo cards

Download your free printable New Year’s bingo cards here

Make sure to Pin these bingo cards now so you can find them again later!

two new year's bingo cards and text "free printable new year's bingo to keep your kids busy until midnight"

I hope you enjoy these bingo boards and make sure to check out these additional seasonal bingo printables on The Artisan Life!

Free printable New Year's Eve bingo boards on a gold and pink background
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