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Free Printable Halloween Bingo

It’s Halloween season and time to share free printable Halloween Bingo cards for lots of spooky fun!

I’ve really been on a printable bingo kick lately and it’s so much fun! Today I’m excited to share cute Halloween-themed picture bingo printables. There are 40+ unique cards available so everyone can play along!


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Ideas for using this Halloween bingo game:

This bingo game is an easy, no-prep way to keep your kids occupied while you prepare for the holiday. You could also print out copies to use at a family/neighborhood/work Halloween or harvest party!

You can use these bingo cards in a ‘traditional’ way by cutting out the pictures on the call list sheet, placing them in a bag, and drawing them randomly.

It’s easier for participants, especially younger children, if you show the image than to try to describe it. 

Alternatively, you can save some cutting and the risk of lost pieces by giving the call sheet to an adult and having them ‘randomly’ call out images. I think this is a good choice if you’re at a party because it means fewer pieces to keep track of!

  • Make a tic mark with a pencil to denote which pictures you’ve already called.
  • If you laminate the cards (or use dry erase pockets), you can use markers to mark off called images.

You can print the game boards on plain printer paper, but it’s not my first choice. Young kids love doing the same thing over and over, so even in just one day these bingo cards could see some heavy use!

For the most beautiful images, use presentation paper. Presentation paper is a heavy weight paper with a special coating for crisp, bright images. 

For durable boards, but slightly less vibrant images, use cardstock.

The difference doesn’t show up as clearly in a photo as it does in real life, but I printed the mermaid bingo card on the left on presentation paper. The one on the right is on cardstock. 

difference between print on presentation paper and cardstock

For repeated play, especially near food, water, or sticky candy hands, laminate the sheets or place them in a dry erase pocket or page protector. Dry erase pockets are like page protectors, but sturdier!

TYH Supplies 10-Pack Reusable Dry Erase Pockets 9 x 12 Inches Assorted Neon...
  • Set of 10 Super heavyweight clear erasable pocket, For papers up to 9" x 12"
  • Ideal for work stations - no need to replenish paper - just wipe away and start again
  • Write on and wipe off, Go green, Use over and over again, Use low-odor dry erase markers (included)

You can get sheets laminated at copy shops and office supply stores, but if you’re going to laminate more than 10-2o pages ever, it’s more economical (and a time saver) just to get an inexpensive home laminator

When you laminate your bingo cards, you can store them with your Halloween decorations and use them year after year!

You can make the game even more fun by using fun things like toys, erasers, or other small prizes as tokens to mark off called cards! If you laminate your sheets or use dry erase pockets, you could also use stickers. Stickers are very valuable currency in our house! 

Halloween Party FavorsHalloween Party FavorsHalloween erasersHalloween erasersHalloween StickersHalloween Stickers

Free printable Halloween picture bingo cards

Alright, let’s check out the bingo cards!

These bingo cards are all available for personal use. This includes use in your own classroom, with your scout troop, etc., but not restribution of the digital file. Please simply refer your friends, family, and/or coworkers to this post so they can download their own copy!

There are three sets of bingo cards: A set of 27, a set of 10, and a set of 4. The sets of 10 and 4 are completely free! 

First we have a set of 27 unique bingo cards with Halloween pictures. These cards are different from the other sets, so you can combine them for 40+ unique bingo cards! (This doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple “Bingos” in one turn, but the cards are unique.)

This set of 27 cards is available in my Selz store for the incredible price of $1.99! (Oh, and I’m a ‘bad blogger’ who doesn’t automatically add customers to my email list…so if you want bingo cards without my monthly newsletter, this is a good choice for you!)

Artisan Life members can download a set of 10 free printable Halloween bingo cards in the Member’s Resource Library. These cards are different, so you can combine the 4 and the 10 to have 14 unique cards.

set of 10 free printable Halloween bingo cards

Not a member yet? Join free and gain immediately access to all the awesome printables in the Resource Library!

Last we have the set of four bingo cards. (The PDF is 6 pages including the call sheet.) Because I love Halloween so much, I’m making this set of cards available for free right from this post – no email address required!

Download the set of 4 Halloween bingo cards here

set of 4 free printable Halloween bingo cards

If you enjoy these printable Halloween bingo cards, please remember to Pin them now!


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