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Free Pumpkin Outline Printables

This collection of free pumpkin outline printables has so many shapes and sizes to chose from! Get pumpkin printables from 1″ up to 10″ absolutely free for all your decorating and crafting needs.

As soon as I shared these printable bat templates, I knew I had to create pumpkins, too! Y’all know me – I can’t make just one or two printables. I couldn’t decide what shape or size of pumpkin to create, so I made three different pumpkins in eight sizes each for a total of 24 printable pumpkin outlines. 


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Printable pumpkin craft ideas

  • Print your pumpkins on orange cardstock, cut them out, and string them up as garland or ornaments.
  • Print the pumpkins on plain paper to use as coloring pages.
  • Use the pumpkins as templates and trace them onto craft foam for outdoor decorations.
  • Use the pumpkins as patterns to cut out felt for ornaments, decorations, or for your felt story board.
  • Print a large pumpkin outline and use it as an activity mat for your toddler or preschooler to practice their fine motor skills with pompoms and tongs.

My toddler loves using pompoms and tongs. More students are starting school with poor fine motor skills now than ever before. These children are unable to hold a pencil correctly or use scissors, for example. Work with tongs and small objects, like pompoms, can help your child develop these important fine motor skills!

Tip: The keeper bar on tongs can easily slide down and frustrate your child. I used a couple pairs of pliers to twist it open and remove it to save my daughter aggravation!

You can also turn a pompom & tong activity into color recognition practice. Demonstrate placing only orange pompoms on the pumpkin outline and either green or brown on the stem.

free printable pumpkin outlines

Free printable pumpkin outlines

These pumpkin templates are free for your personal use.

This means you are welcome to print and use them in your own home or classroom, with your scout troop, etc. You are not licensed to redistribute the digital files or printouts to others. Please just refer your friends and coworkers to this page so they can download their own copy!

The images are low resolution previews. Please use the download links to get the pumpkin outline printables from Google Drive in PDF format. The link for each printable is directly above the preview image.

If you don’t want to download all 24 files individually, head on over to the Member’s Resource Library and log in to grab all the files in one convenient document. Not a member yet? You can become a member using the box below the previews!

If you want even more Halloween fun, make sure to check out the Halloween Activity Mega Pack! It will keep your kids busy and out of your hair for hours. Grab them now at an awesome post-Halloween discount!


Small pumpkin outlines

1″ pumpkin outlines

plain pumpkin outline -1-inch

1″ pumpkins with leaves


1″ segmented pumpkins

segmented-pumpkin-1-inch printables

2″ plain pumpkins


2″ pumpkins with leaves


2″ segmented pumpkins

segmented-pumpkins-2-inch outlines

Medium pumpkin printables

3″ pumpkin outlines


3″ pumpkins with leaves


3″ segmented pumpkin printable

segmented-pumpkins-3 inch

4″ pumpkins

plain-pumpkins-4 inch

4″ pumpkins with leaves


4″ segmented pumpkins


Large pumpkin outlines & pumpkin stencils

5″ pumpkin pattern


5″ pumpkins with leaves


5″ pumpkins with segments


6″ pumpkin outline


6″ pumpkins with leaves


6″ pumpkins with sections


7″ pumpkin outline

plain-pumpkin template-7-inch

7″ pumpkin template with leaves


7″ pumpkin with segments


8″ pumpkin template

large plain-pumpkin printable-8-inch

8″ pumpkin with leaves


8″ pumpkin with segments


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Make sure you don’t lose track of these pumpkin printables for later! Pin them now!


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