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11+ Free Mood Tracker Printables (so you can bujo even if you stink at drawing)

These free mood tracker printables are perfect for tracking your emotions, moods, and feelings throughout the month. Print them on a full sheet and place them in a binder or print them out on sticker paper for your bullet journal or favorite planner!

If you already have my free planner printable for 2020, you know I’m all about making planning and journaling easy.

Not feeling confident in your drawing skills, being too busy to spend an afternoon creating the “perfect” bullet journal theme, or not having the budget for a jillion different markers, paints, and pens should not keep you from enjoying the benefits of journaling and planning!

That’s why I created these free printable monthly mood trackers with cute illustrations. When you use these printables, you can quickly and easily get to doing what matters – tracking your moods and writing in your journal! I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment with requests for future tracker themes!

A preview of five printable monthly mood trackers for bullet journals and planners.

What are the benefits of mood trackers?

Maybe you’ve seen lovely bullet journal mood trackers on Instagram or Pinterest. Maybe a doctor, therapist, or friend has told you about mood trackers.

Mood trackers aren’t just pretty doodles to fill your journal with – they can serve a valuable function! They’re frequently used by therapists to help people discover their triggers and see how well therapy is working. A few of the benefits of mood trackers include:

  • They help you notice patterns in your life. For example, maybe you’re always cranky on Sundays because you dread going back to work on Monday. Maybe you’re always excited on Wednesday because you go out to trivia on Wednesday nights.
  • They allow you to connect your feelings with the day’s events.
  • They can help you connect more deeply with yourself and your feelings. We grow up being told things like “big girls don’t cry.” This can leave us believing it’s not okay to have feelings. Connecting with and embracing your emotions is key to working through them.

How to use a mood tracker printable

This post includes affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission on purchases made through links at no additional cost to you.

First, download your printables! Keep scrolling to see previews of 11+ different styles and download your favorites.

Next, print your mood trackers. If you’re using a binder, you can print them at full size on letter-sized paper.

To use these mood trackers with a Happy Planner, scale to 83%. Make sure “scale to fit” is selected. Then trim your page to size. You an also print slightly larger, if you’d like, since tracker doesn’t extend all the way to the edges of the page.

print dialogue box showing how to scale a letter sized printable to fit a Happy Planner

To use with a half letter or A5 planner, scale to 50%. A5 isn’t quite the same as half letter, but it’s close. Make sure you select “scale to fit.”

Use the correct hole punch for your planner or follow these instructions on how to add pages to your coil bound planner.

You can also scale the printables to fit whatever size notebook you personally use as a bullet journal. Print them on a sheet of sticker paper and stick them in place!

A cactus mood tracker printable in a spiral notebook. It is next to a cup of coffee and a tablet on a white wood table.

Finally, use your mood tracker! Fill out the key with colors to correspond to moods or feelings, then color each day with your dominate feeling.

Some ideas of moods to track are:

  • Excited
  • Happy
  • Grateful
  • Calm
  • Angry
  • Stressed
  • Bored
  • Exhausted
Printable pineapple mood tracker on a clipboard surrounded by pink and tea stationary and office supplies

Free mood tracker printables

Okay, let’s check out the monthly mood tracker printables!

These printables are all free for your personal use. You are also welcome to use them in your own personal classroom, with coaching clients, in therapy sessions, etc. As long as you are personally involved with using them non-commercially (you’re not charging people for the printables), then it’s fine!

Please do not share the digital or printout files with others for their personal use. Instead, send them a link to this post so they can download their own copies.

The download links are located below each preview image. I’ve highlighted them with a grey box to make them easier to find. Make sure to use the links for the high resolution PDF printables – the preview images are low resolution files that will look horrible if printed.

These are all monthly mood trackers. Please leave a comment elating me know if you’d like weekly or yearly mood trackers, too! Most trackers are available in both 30 and 31 day version.

Your time is valuable – save time by purchasing the whole bundle of mood trackers in one handy file for just $2.99! You’ll also receive complementary updates as monthly mood trackers are added throughout the year. (The price will go up as more trackers are added – lock in lifetime access at this deal price now!)

If you have time to burn clicking each link, keep on scrolling to get the files individually.

Cat mood trackers

First there’s a cat drawing to color in over the course of the month. The cat is all cozy in a coat with a steaming mug of coffee or tea! This would be a great mood tracker for winter.

Printable mood tracker featuring an image of a cat wearing a coat with a mug of hot coffee

Download the cozy cat tracker here

Next there are cats doing yoga. This monthly mood tracker has 30 and 31 day versions.

Preview of two monthly mood tracker printables featuring cats doing yoga. They are on a wood background with two colored pencils.

Avocado mood tracker

This avocado is too cute! It’s also available in 30 and 31 day versions. The 30 day option is shown, but both are included in the download.

printable mood tracker featuring 30 avocados to color

Download the avocado mood trackers here

Feather mood tracker

These feathers to color are perfect for a boho bullet journal theme. Both 30 and 31 day versions are in the download.

Mood tracker printable with 31 feathers to color and caption "My moods for [fill in the blank]"

Download the mood tracker feathers here

Cactus mood tracker

I think you’re either a cactus and succulent person or your not. I’ve noticed people either think they’re the cutest, most awesome things ever or hate them! I’m in camp loves cacti, so here are two monthly cactus mood trackers for you to enjoy!

Two printable cactus mood trackers on a green background. One has 30 cacti and the other has 31 cacti.

Download the cacti mood trackers here

Tea/Coffee mug mood tracker

I couldn’t make mood trackers without including a nice, hot mug of tea or coffee! This coffee mood tracker is also available in 30 and 31 day versions.

Download the coffee/tea mugs here

Mood tracker pineapple

A monthly mood tracker pineapple with spaces to color

Download the mood tracker pineapple here

Mermaid tail mood tracker

I love the mermaid tail trackers! (If you love mermaids, too, be sure to check out these free printable mermaid coloring pages and mermaid bingo!). Don’t worry – this tracker comes in 30 and 31 day versions.

mermaid tail mood tracker printable with 30 mermaid tails to color

Download the mermaid tail mood trackers here

Planet mood trackers

Planets and a super popular bullet journal tracker theme. Download this planet mood trackers for 30 and 31 day months!

printable planet mood tracker with 31 planets to color

Download the mood trackers with planets here

Monthly mood trackers

Okay, so technically all of the trackers on this page are monthly. This section is for themed mood trackers for each month of the year. It will be updated throughout the year as I make new trackers. Make sure to Pin this post and check back in or buy the whole set to receive automatic updates with new trackers.

January mood tracker

The mood tracker for January has snowflakes (and, of course, 31 days!).

mood tracker for January with 31 snowflakes to color

February mood tracker

The mood tracker for February features hearts and comes in a 28 day and a 29 day version for leap years.

mood tracker for February in a leap year with 29 hearts to color

Download the mood tracker for February here (leap year and regular year included)

March mood tracker

The mood tracker printable for March has lucky clovers! (Looking for more shamrock printables? Check out these free printable four leaf clover outlines)

Printable mood tracker for march with 31 clovers to color

Download the shamrock mood tracker for March here

Remember to buy the set now for just $2.99 to receive automatic updates when new mood trackers are added!

If you’re not ready to buy, be sure to Pin this post now to your planner or bujo board so you can check back again later.

text "have an awesome bujo even if you can't draw with free printable mood trackers" with a preview of three mood trackers. One has a pineapple, another has a cat wearing a coat, and the third mood tracker has mermaid tails.

Planner & Journal Printables

Looking for more planner and journal printables? Check out these freebies on The Artisan Life!

text "free printable mood trackers - 11+ monthly themes!" with a preview of a pineapple mood tracker, mermaid tail mood tracker, and cat mood trackers
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