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15+ Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages for Kids

These cute Valentine’s Day coloring pages are so much fun and make great homemade Valentines. Grab 15+ free printable Valentine coloring pages and your favorite pencils for plenty of coloring fun!

These free printable Valentine’s Day coloring pages are super cute. I had so much fun creating them and coming up with silly puns. I hope you and your family enjoy them, too!

How to print coloring pages as Valentines cards

Homemade Valentines are the best! Your child can definitely give the full-sized printables as Valentines, but it’s easy to make your own Valentine’s Day cards from coloring pages by changing the way each page prints.

When your print dialogue box is open, look for the options “copies per page” and change it. I like 4 copies per page, but you can pick a different number. Make sure “scale to fit” and “print entire image” are also selected to ensure none of the image gets cut off. Voila! Instant Valentines from coloring pages.

Print dialogue box with an arrow pointing at "copies per page"

Valentine’s Day coloring pages for kids

First, some important housekeeping. These Valentine’s Day coloring pages are for personal and classroom use. This means you’re free to print and use them as many times as you’d like with your own children or students.

Please do not redistribute the digital files or printed copies to others for their use with their families or classrooms. Just send your friends and coworkers to this page to download their own copies!

Please do not download the images. They are low resolution previews that will look terrible if printed. Look for PDF download links under each image!

Save yourself valuable time when you download all 16 Valentine’s coloring pages in one handy PDF for just $1.29!

If you’d rather spend your time clicking around, just keep scrolling a little more for the free download links.

Download links are located below each image. You should see a grey background behind each link to help it stand out!

First there’s a cute sloth with the text “lots of love” and plenty of hearts to color.

sloth valentine coloring page printable

Download the sloth Valentine coloring page here

Next we have a coloring page with two Valentine’s bees and the text “bee mine.”

two Valentine's Day bees with hearts coloring page

Download the bee Valentine coloring page here

What’s Valentine’s Day without some puns? Up next we have an avocado that says “you guac my world.”

you guac my word Valentine coloring page

Download the avocado Valentine printable here

This pair of flamingoes is too cute! They’re cuddling under a heart banner with the text “love birds.”

two flamingoes to color with text "love birds"

Download the printable flaming coloring sheet here

This boy and girl have flowers and heart balloons to color.

two cute kids to color for Valentine's Day

Download the cute Valentines kids here

Need more low-prep activities for your kids? Grab a free printable woodland animal activity pack with printables for kids of all ages to enjoy!

More Valentine silliness! These cute cacti have the text “I’m stuck on you.”

text "I'm stuck on you" with three cacti to color

Download the cactus Valentine printable here

This sweet fish and seahorse are blowing heart-shaped bubbles! The page also features the text “you’re o-fish-ally awesome.”

text "you're o-fish-ally awesome" with a seahorse and a fish to color

Download the fish Valentine coloring page here

It’s time for even more Valentine puns! Next we have a frog prince and princess with the text “my heart leaps for you.”

frog prince and princess Valentine coloring page with text "my heart leaps for you"

Download the frog Valentine here

This cute llama with heart sunglasses is ready to mail a Valentine!

cute llama coloring page with hearts

Download the cute llama here

text "you are sweet" with three pineapples to color

Download the “you’re sweet” pineapple here

This cute Valentine monster has a speech bubble to fill in your own message.

cute monster Valentine

Download the Valentine monster here

Jar with hearts and candy hearts to color

Download the candy hearts here

Next we have two cute foxes with the text “cuddle time.”

coloring page of two foxes cuddling with hearts

Download the cute foxes here

It’s pun time again! In this coloring page, a cute owl sits in a wreath with hearts and the text “you’re a hoot.”

coloring page with an owl sitting in a wreath and the text "you're a hoot"

Download the Valentine owl here

This cute puppy with a Valentine is a great coloring page for younger children because it has bold images and no text.

coloring page with a puppy holding a valentine card

Download the cute puppy coloring page here

I can’t help myself – I have to end on another Valentine’s Day pun! The last coloring printable has a cute beet and the text “my heart beets for you.”

printable valentine coloring page with a cute beet and text "my heart beets for you"

Download the kawaii beet Valentine page here

If you like these coloring pages, please take a moment to Pin this post so you can find them again later!

Text "15+ free printable Valentine's Day coloring pages" on a wood background with two coloring pages. One has a pair of foxes and the other is a sloth with hearts.

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text "free printable Valentine's Day coloring pages last minute DIY Valentines!" with a preview of three coloring pages. One has a sloth, one has a llama, and the third has flamingos.
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