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Free Printable Christmas Games for Parties and Families

These printable Christmas games are perfect for holiday parties or use at home with your family! Grab these free printable Christmas party games for groups and families.

Holiday parties with everyone standing around and not really interacting are so awkward! You can prevent your office holiday party or gathering at home from becoming “that” party with these free printable Christmas party games! 

These printable games for Christmas are also fun to do with your kids and make an easy, no prep activity to occupy your children while you’re busy decorating or cooking.

free printable christmas games

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Many of these games have coloring page elements. This means you save colored ink (yay!) or can run the games off on the copier at work. It also means you can hand your kids some crayons and keep them busy for even longer (double yay!).

Our favorite coloring supplies are Crayola twistable crayons (no paper to peel off an eat and they don’t need sharpening) and Crayola Super Tip markers (they’re washable and color well).

Crayola super tip markers

Free printable Christmas games

First, some important housekeeping.

These party game printables are free for personal use. This means you can print them and use them with your friends, family, office party, or personal classroom. If your friends, family, or coworkers want to use these games for their own party, please refer them to this post so they can download the printables for themselves.

The images are low resolution previews – please look below the previews for download information!

Christmas party icebreaker game

First there’s a fun Christmas party icebreaker game. This one is a great way to get things started at your workplace or home holiday party!

free printable Christmas party icebreaker game

Printable Christmas trivia game

Next there’s a two page Christmas trivia game. You can see who completes the sheets correctly first, or give people a limited amount of time to answer as many questions as possible. Giving everyone five minutes sets a nice, brisk pace!

For a shorter game, use only the first sheet. There isn’t a preview of the answer key, but it’s included in the PDF download.

printable christmas trivia game
christmas trivia game printable

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Christmas word find

In this game, participants must look around the room and write down objects then can see that begin with the letters of “Christmas.” (Don’t worry – the download has a sheet explaining the rules!)

For example, you might see carpet for “C,” a hat for “H” and so on.

The printable has two game sheets per page – just use a paper trimmer to cut the sheet in half.

how many christmas words can you find

Christmas riddles

Next we have fun Christmas riddles! Although not all of the clues are directly related to Christmas, the answers are Christmas-related. This game also has an answer key in the printable PDF.

printable christmas riddles

Holiday match party game

The holiday word match is a fun game! Participants write down six words related to Christmas. The printable explains the rules – you can use any paper to play.

holiday match printable christmas party game

Know your toys

Can the people at your party figure out these common toy names? The answer key is included in the download in case anyone is stumped!

This game is also two to a page – just print and cut in half with a paper trimmer!

know your toys printable christmas game

Name the Christmas carol printable game

I realize that I should have called this trivia game “name the Christmas song” because they’re not all technically carols. Participants are given a few words from a popular Christmas song or carol and have to write down the song’s name.

Please note that this game does not currently have an answer key. I’m a toddler mom and I haven’t had time to make one! None of the songs are obscure or super tricky so I’m sure you’ll figure it out fast! If I do get the chance to update the PDF with an answer key, I’ll let you know.

name the christmas carol printable game\\

Name the reindeer game

Can you name Santa’s reindeer in alphabetical order? If not, the printable has you covered with an answer key!

It’s surprisingly difficult to name all the reindeer in alphabetical order off the top of your head! This game is perfect for children, too, and can help them practice their letters.

name the reindeer game

All the printable holiday party games shown above are in one handy file as an instant download when you join The Artisan Life family! I have a few more games and activities to share with you, too, so keep scrolling for more low-prep fun!

Christmas Bingo

Have you seen the post about free printable Christmas bingo cards yet? If not, make sure to stop by! You can grab free cards in the post or purchase a set of 20 for just $1.50! Make sure to visit the post for all the info.

free printable Christmas bingo

Christmas word search

The Christmas word searches also have their own post. Grab a full color or ink-saving black and white Christmas word search or pick from several shaped easy word searches!

free printable Christmas word search in color and black and white

How to download your printable Christmas games

Alright, let’s get to the download information!

The printable holiday party games are FREE for all Artisan Life family members. Not a member yet? Become one quickly and easily using the form below! If you are already a member, go ahead and fill the form out again to get instant access to the printable games. You won’t start getting double emails because I’m not about that life!

Don’t lose track of these printable Christmas games – Pin them now!

free printable christmas games to keep your kids busy

free printable christmas party games for groups

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