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Free Printable Beach Coloring Pages

Summer is coming and that means it’s time for some free printable beach coloring pages for adults!

I try to share coloring page at least once a month. With summer on the horizon, it seemed like the perfect time to share summertime beach coloring pages! Here’s a collection of 15+ adult coloring pages for summer for you to print and enjoy.


This post includes affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission on purchase at no additional cost to you.

Even though there are 16 pages at the original time of publishing, I’m calling this a collection of 15+ coloring sheets because I’m sure I’ll be adding more in the future. I’ve added more pages at least twice each to these spring coloring pages and these environmental/Earth Day coloring pages, so I have no reason to think this post will be any different! I encourage you to go ahead and Pin this post now and check back again soon for more!

How to make the most of your coloring pages

If you just grab any old copy paper and print off these coloring sheets, they probably won’t look very good or be as fun to color. These tips will help you get the most out of your coloring pages!

Should I use a laser printer or inkjet for coloring pages?

Many home printers are ink jet because it’s easy to print colors with inkjet printers and they have a low up-front cost. Unfortunately, they also print fairly slowly (so printing off a stack of coloring pages can take quite a white), use expensive replacement ink rapidly, and the ink can smudge/smear while you’re coloring. 

Laser printers are definitely the better choice for coloring pages! The toner doesn’t smudge or smear when you color, they print more quickly, and the cost is less per page in the long run.

Laser printers, even black and white ones, can to cost more upfront than inkjet and the toner replacements cost more per cartridge than ink (but they last way, way longer). Although color laser printers can be quite expensive, there are smaller black and white home laser printers available today for less than $100. If you print a lot of coloring pages, documents, school papers, etc., they’re a great investment that can save you money in the long run!

If you don’t own a laser printer, don’t worry! Copiers use toner, so just print a page at home on your inkjet then run off copies. Many copiers today will also print straight from a USB drive! Most library printers are laser, so a visit to the library is another easy way to run off some coloring sheets. Finally, you can always take your files to a local copy shop/office supply store for laser printing.

The best paper for printable coloring pages

I prefer to print my coloring pages on white cardstock. It works well for pencils, which are my coloring tool of choice, and my daughter’s crayons. A lighter weight, 65 lb cardstock works well enough, but you can also go with a 110 lb cardstock if you’d prefer.

Another choice is presentation paper. It’s thicker and brighter than ‘normal’ printer paper, but thinner than cardstock. It also  

For coloring with markers, especially premium art markers like Copics, Spectrum Noire, or Prismacolor, Classic Crest cardstock in Solar White is the very best option. It’s bright white, heavy, and (most importantly for markers) ultra smooth. I’ve frequently found a better price through the WalMart website for Classic Crest cardstock, but it is also available on Amazon. (Check the current Classic Crest price on Amazon here.)

To color with watercolors, use a watercolor paper. Although I always use and recommend at least 140 lb cotton watercolor paper for actual paintings, it doesn’t go through printers very well! Your best bet is getting the Canson XL 9×12 paper and trimming it down to size.

Like all of the coloring page printables I share, there’s a very high likelihood that this collection of summer coloring pages will grow with time. Makes sure to Pin this post and check back again soon! 

Beach coloring pages

Alright, let’s get to the beach coloring page printables! These images are just low resolution previews, not the high resolution files suitable for printing. Please check below the previews for download information!

Seashell coloring page


Starfish surfing coloring page


Shells on the beach coloring page


Starfish on a dock coloring page


Woman on a beach coloring page


Swimming pool coloring page


Ocean wave and sun coloring page


Coconut palm tree coloring printable

coconut palm coloring page printable

Spiral doodle wave coloring page


Starfish with sun and ocean coloring sheet


Hammock on the beach coloring page


Beach volleyball coloring printable


Beach with a rainbow and palm trees coloring sheet


Beach accessories coloring page

beach accessories

Because I know some people like hard coloring pages, I created this complex shell, wave, and starfish coloring printable!


And last but not least, a shell and wave repeating design 


Where do download your beach coloring printables

Like virtually all of the coloring pages I share, these beach coloring printables are located in the Member’s Resource Library. If you’re already and Artisan Life member, just head on over and log in!

If you need a password to the Resource Library, you can quickly and easily become a member using the form below!

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  • Mac Hanna May 13, 2019, 09:56

    I love these and I am sure my granddaughter also will. She loves to color pencil, paint or colors.

    • Natasha May 13, 2019, 10:55

      I’m so happy to “hear” from you! I hope you and your granddaughter enjoy. My daughter loves coloring, too, but sometimes it’s a challenge to keep her coloring on the paper instead of the walls! Hope you’re doing well.

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